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Farewell Lyrics Video!!! (Available on iTunes and Spotify Nov. 30th)

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Lyric video for the single “Farewell” from upcoming album
“A,000,000 Miles”. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Bandcamp on November 30th

Today’s the day! “Farewell”, the first single of of my upcoming album “A,000,000 Miles” is a track is about me leaving my hometown of 20 years, Dayton, Ohio to start my journey of a million miles. It includes unique electronic production and passionate, poetic lyrics that tug the heart strings of all who listen. Don’t just take my word for it! The first 10 people to email me @ with subject line “Farewell Download Code” will receive a code that allows a FREE EARLY download of “Farewell” . Act fast before they are all gone!

If you choose to wait until November 30th, “Farewell” will be available on my bandcamp page for $1, as well as, iTunes and for free streaming on Spotify. All proceeds go toward audio…

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No Introduction Needed For The King

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bb kingEven if you’ve never been a fan of the blues, you likely need no introduction to B.B King.  Like many people, the first music I ever heard from this legendary blues singer and guitarist was his hit record, “The Thrill is Gone”.  Ironically, the 89 year old musician can still be heard playing once in a while, almost ten years after his “farewell tour” in 2006.  The thrill is not gone for B.B.. When this man pricks his finger to test his blood sugar, he bleeds the blues.

B.B. King, “The Thrill is Gone”

Born Riley B. King in Mississippi in the year 1925, King moved to Memphis, Tennessee to pursue his professional career on Beale Street.  The way I heard the story, he was working for a Memphis radio station when he earned the nickname “Beale Street Blues Boy”.  This was subsequently shortened to “Blues Boy”, then simply…

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Poem: The Lady of Shalott

Poem: The Lady of Shalott | – Man Booker Prize 2011 –
27 Aug 2010

Waterhouse: The Lady of Shalott

One of my favorite poems, The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson. It tells the story of a cursed lady (said to be Elaine The Fair) living on an Island near Camelot. She is forbidden to look at Camelot directly, doomed to stare at the world through a mirror, weaving what she sees into a tapestry.

One day, Sir Lancelot passes on the other side of the water. The Lady is instantly besotted and can’t stop herself; she looks through the window and sees the world as if the first time, with all the beauty and glory of Camelot and Sir Lancelot. She then prepares her coffin, a boat, where she lays and is carried with the stream.

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Visit Vonj!

Apologies all round for this unusual presentation.  Trying to get on to Vonj’s site to request permission to reblog his latest – Love Unity – my computer kept going down.

But it is not to be missed. I cannot recommend this site enough. Great lyrics, divine music.

You are missing a treat if you don’t visit.