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The man who walked

There he was again. The old man, some said was in his nineties out for his constitutional. Bowed shoulders, walking stick, still he walked at a good pace, miles everyday. Someone said it staved off Alzheimers. Every good advice he followed.

People knew him thereabouts. By name. Roughly where he lived. By sight. The country folk would greet him, and he would smile back. A gentle smile. A man who had harmed no-one in 90 years of life.

He had started work at 14, before that if you counted working on farms in the school holidays. Worked to be paid in potatoes and vegetables for his family.

He watched the Titanic sail out of Belfast Lough. He remembered airships and the first cars. Planes came later.

He learnt a trade. Then another one. He went to night school and took his Radio Exams, and set sail on his first ship, “The City of Yokohama” in 1927. And fell in love with the Orient. Curries in Calcutta and martial arts in Japan still very traditional before the 2WW.

He sailed the seven seas, but saw little of it as his money went to support his mother’s family.

He brought his wife from the Antipodes, and continued working for Marconi, but on land, on the docks.

When Marconi retired him, he retook his exams and returned to sea as a Radio Officer. He sailed the North Atlantic to Canada. The years fell off him as he returned to the work he loved. The work and the sea.

But the Unions caught up with him and forced him to retire at 70.

He took up bowling. And in between he walked, every day, miles in the countryside to stave off Alzheimers – and he did.

He had given death a good run, but at 94 death finally caught him.

The country people saw the man who walked – but nobody knew him.


Copyright 2015

In tribute to my father

William John Agnew 1905-1999



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Poems and Petals


It is not funny
When words are said
Deliberately to cause pain
It is not funny
When injured by those
Who could be showing love
It is not funny
When a country turns off
Lights because there is no power
It is not funny
When denied a job solely
Based on the color of your skin
It is not funny
When there is no work
For a younger generation born
It is not funny
When all around is pain
And death and rape and suffering
It is not funny
Why would anyone want to laugh?

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Predator X


in the oceans cars
break & glint in the waves
volvos, Big Ford Trucks
olds 88s
& the gran torinos
with long carnivorous snouts for hoods.

As they dive & emerge
bathed in the liquid flesh of the dinosaurs
they have so readily consumed,
muscle greens & reds glistening
with turtle wax & windshield washing fluid.

Cool in their air conditioning
they’re speaking to each other in
a frequency of satellite radio.
Their owners, nested behind wheels
tell themselves that they ain’t descended from no monkeys.

some sailboats
driven out & onto sand
learn to crawl the land
and writhe as they inhale the sun
and clutch at nothing
with organ grinder gills of sail.

their ballast cast
they watch above
as sky churns white,
& the asteroid comes.

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Heinlein’s Rules for Success in Writing

Phil Ebersole's Blog

You must write.

You must finish what you have written.

You must put what you have written on the market.

You must keep it on the market until sold.

Robert A. Heinlein was possibly the leading American science fiction writer of the 1940s and 1950s and a popular writer until his death in 1988.  He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1929 and served as a radio communications officer on the USS Lexington, the U.S. Navy’s first modern aircraft carrier. He was discharged from the Navy in 1934 with pulmonary tuberculosis, and tried different ways of earning a living until he submitted a story to Astounding Science Fiction magazine in 1939.

He wrote a series of young adult novels which I read as a teenage boy, and I read most of his novels and stories during his lifetime.

His rules for success in writing is that most people who…

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you don’t know what you’re saying

Madeline Scribes

be a prisoner

When you share your truth with someone and their response to your truth is “You don’t know what you’re saying!”

Look them squarely in the eye and tell them that yes, you do know what you’re saying. It’s just that what you’re saying is something they don’t want to hear.

Know yourself.

Respect yourself.

All others, discard.

~Madeline Laughs

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