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Putting the mockers on

Oh the mockers, the mockers

iz putting the mockers on.

Bad luck doesn’t just happen,

it’s made.

Made by the mockers of

the poor and weak

who cheat  wimmin of wages

and men of their work.

Oh the mockers is laughing,

laughing like rain

rolling in clover

and plotting our pain.

Lying and cheating and stealing

– so proud.

They give themselves wealth as

they give us a shroud.

The mockers are mocking

while scheming our ruin.

The mockers are mocking

and make our undoing.


Copyright 2015


Who will we kill today?

Social Engineering 301 class trooped into the room solemnly, folders under each arm. The Controller nodded as they entered and watched as they took their seats. He typed on a keypad on his desk and the words, in large, bold black letters appeared on the white wall behind him.



“Folder One” the Controller stated.

There was a rustling as the class sorted the appropriate folder from their bundles.

“Open it”.

The class opened their folder to the photograph of a dark haired man, aged about forty, with a friendly, open face.

” Target A is working class origin. IQ 130. Innovative. Enterprising. His good looks won him a marriage with a pretty, lower middle class woman. A marriage he soon came to regret. She has a vile personality. The immediate arrival of children meant he could not leave the marriage. But in recompense, the younger child, a son, took after him. The father threw himself into work as an escape from his wife and to make a better life for his son. Next page”.

There was a rustle as the class turned to the next page. They were looking at a photograph of a filling station in a rural setting.

“Target A has just bought this filling station. It is in a  ideal location at the edge of town. With no nearby competition it is the logical place for cars to fill up for the next town. Comments”.

A young man seated near the front of the class raised his hand.

“If he runs a successful business he will raise his socio-economic status from lower middle class to higher middle class”.

The Controller nodded. “It was never intended that this working class boy should succeed in raising himself. We manipulated his relationship with that foul woman in order to sabotage his aspirations. It was only intended that he should drudge at work as his wife’s slave. Not that he should attain social class and economic success. A bonus from the situation is the pleasing personality of the son. We have marked him down as a suitable husband for a higher social class woman. If we’re lucky, his intelligence and enterprise will be inherited in the higher social class children.

In conclusion, Target A will suffer a heart attack. That lazy woman will be forced to go out to work to support her children and the family will get by in respectable poverty, until we can hook the son. One of our people will take over the business which we predict will be very successful. Any comments?”

The class had clearly grasped the simple scenario, so the Controller continued.

“Target B”.

The class opened the appropriate folder. The photograph was similar to the first. This time a smiling face framed with blonde hair rather than dark gazed out of the photograph. Again a man in his early forties.

“Target B comes from a modest lower middle class family. He married a pretty working class girl and they have two sons. Target B is a salesman, and his employers have high hopes for him. Promotion is on the cards. His sons are very intelligent. Comments”.

A girl in the middle of the group raised her hand. The Controller nodded.

“At the moment the family are lower middle class, just managing economically. If B becomes a middle manager the lifestyle improvements and opportunities for the sons will launch them into higher middle class”.

” Correct. If the father dies the family will be reduced to poverty and the boys will be denied the social experiences and opportunities which would enable them to access top positions. Again, they have pleasing personalities, so will make excellent subordinate husbands to higher status wives, and again we have hopes their high intelligence and talents will be inherited by their offspring. He will die shortly of a stroke. Now we move on to Target C”.

This time the photograph was of a middle-aged Asian. “This case is very straightforward so I will give a resume and move on quickly. A standard Asian small shop-keeper. Not ambitious, just happy to run his shop and provide for his family. However two characteristics have made him our target. His shop is in a prime location in an upcoming area. But he is also a friend of a major target, Target D, that we will look at next. Target C is therefore in a position to observe “odd goings on” and perhaps clue-in or be a support to his friend. He is in a position to upset our plans. Heart attacks among fifty year old Asian men are not uncommon. We have arranged to take over his business”.

“Target D”.

The class turned to their penultimate folder.

“Working class origins, built up a successful business and his houses bought at a time when houses were cheaper are now worth millions”.

The class studied their folders, suddenly interested.

The Controller faced the class. “This man is worth millions. A major target. He has been very difficult to get at. With some difficulty we have infiltrated our people into his business, but his staff are hand-picked and loyal. We have had to arrange the deaths of two already just to free-up positions for our people to get close to him. This is a complex and interesting case. How do we get our hands on his business and millions? Comments please”.

A girl near the front of the class raised her hand. “Why not just kill him and legally gerry-mander the business into our hands?”

“We looked for financial irregularities. It is a rare business which does not have some. The first problem was his accountant was not subject to our persuasion. He died of a heart attack and then we were able to access the business accounts. There were irregularities, and of course we will mine them for what they are worth. We can’t just kill him. The adult children will inherit”.

A young man tentatively suggested.  “If there was a way we could get him to alter his Will”.

The Controller smiled. “That is the course of action we have taken. We arranged his wife’s death by a sudden, unexpected health condition – doctors are our most valuable recruits – not only can they cause deaths, but deaths from natural causes raise no suspicion – and replaced the wife with one  of our own people. When our Target dies, at a time that is convenient for us, the children will find his new wife has inherited everything. And they cannot win by taking us to court. We control the courts”.

“Now finally, Target E. You might call this one, the one who got away – so far” the Controller said with a smile.

There was a collective gasp of surprise when the class opened the last folder. The target was a girl aged about 13.

“Both parents are highly intelligent. The man is a technical genius. There is nothing he can’t do with a machine run on mechanical or electrical principles.  The mother’s grand-mother was descended from an upper middle-class woman who lost status when she was disinherited by her brothers in the 19th century, a not unusual event.  We predicted that this couple’s children would be very intelligent and talented, and that has occurred. Our target is the girl because she is prime breeding stock and we want her children. Her background is poor, working class and we have no intention that she should have  a career or make a good marriage. We want children out of her and then get rid of her. Both parents are successfully working their way out of poverty. They will have achieved a middle class standard of life by the time the girl, we predict, will attend university. This does not suit our objectives. Suggestions”.

The young man who first spoke, raised his hand. “The death of the father?”

The Controller surveyed the class. “Can anyone see any objection to this?”

The class looked bemused. The trouble with using death as a solution, the Controller thought, is the attempt to use it in every situation. Timing is critical.

“The reason that would not work is the mother’s intellectual companion is her husband. If the husband dies the daughter will become the intellectual companion in his place. We work hard to destroy mother-daughter relationships to force young females to look for emotional support outside the family – it makes them easier to access. Also the mother is career minded. If the husband dies at this stage the mother and daughter will form a close mutually protective bond, and the daughter will go all-out for career due to the experience of poverty. It will be difficult to access the girl in these circumstances. So we will just have to leave the family for the present. Allow the parents to work their way out of poverty. We can target the daughter and collect her inheritance at a later date.

Well that just about wraps it up for the day. People out there think events just happen. But everything happens for a reason.  The end result is the arrow pointing back to the cause. But fortunately for us, people don’t look.


Copyright 2015

Soul Stealers

The Middle Eastern gentleman sat in the Controller’s office. The Controller swept in, a copy of “1001 Nights” under his arm. He placed it ostentatiously on his desk. Then he glanced at his watch.

“I am afraid we will have to keep this brief, I have another urgent appointment”.

The Middle Eastern gentleman inclined his head politely.

“Your story…” the Controller’s glance rested on “The Arabian Nights” lightly , “has been examined. And frankly, we are unconvinced. We are well aware of astral projection, and an operative can remove their own soul and visit another body…”. The Controller spread his hands in a gesture of disbelief.

The man sat forward in his chair, his dark eyes boring into the Controller.

“This is a completely different thing. We take the soul – and then that person becomes the wizard’s slave. Imagine a campaigning journalist. We get him alone, steal his soul, and we can tell him what to write. No more on human rights. Just stories about Islamophobes, Zionist atrocities and how women are freed by wearing the veil”.

The Controller leant across his desk, hand outstretched. “Well, it has been a pleasure talking to you, Mr…, but I have another appointment”.

When the visitor left an Agent entered. The Controller glanced up. “Well?”

“It’s true. They can do it”

“Then they can fix the political agenda of governments”.

The Agent nodded. “Our researchers have started. We have traced influence in a number of Western governments. The pattern is clear, but facts are hard to come by”.

“We will have to implement new training. Anyone alone can be turned. Give instructions to the prayer section.

Pray for the souls to be returned to their original bodies”.

The Agent nodded and left. The Controller glanced at the book on his desk. “What a nightmare”.


Copyright 2015 Prayerwarriorpsychicnot

Young raptor spreading his [her?] wings

eats shoots 'n leaves

If there’s one maxim in photographing wild critters, it’s this: You never have the right the lens for that exceptional shot. esnl was loaded up with his long lens when he went out looking for raptors this afternoon, and some nice shots resulted, especially of this young bird flexing his gorgeous plumage.

Here’s another with the young raptor engaged in a tail feather display. One thing that struck esnl was the role of the tail feathers as a sexual signaling device, forming rings like a target directed at what Victorians once called “the organs of generation.”

Then there’s the photo he didn’t get. A few seconds later, both parents and the second sibling arrived amidst a great deal of clamor and all four took wing — the first time the whole brood has been aloft at once — but that required a shorter lens, so, alas, you’ll just have to…

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