Expendable Spies

The Controller lifted the  embossed leather bound copy of Sun Tzu “Art of War” from the book shelf  and idly flicked the pages.  His eye was caught by the section on types of spy and the phrase expendable spies leapt out at him.  He smiled.  Espionage had moved on since Sun’s day.  At some stage a military mind had noted that it was not necessary to recruit a spy to become an expendable spy.  After all, no one with a grain of intelligence  would consent to be recruited if they knew how they were to be used.  But expendable spies were needed.  As bait. To draw out the opposition. The solution was to use any handy low status member of the public who just happened to be in the right position. Perfect bait. Criminal minds soon develop a sixth sense  for secret police penetration but an ordinary mug Joe or Jill Public raises no suspicions. What’s more if the target takes the bait then becomes suspicious and attacks the bait to find out what’s going on, they would know absolutely nothing.

Of course, being expendable and being totally ignorant, the person so used could end up dead or worse, but then there isn’t a people shortage, so the numbers of people who can be thrown out as bait is virtually limitless – lower class women, blacks, Jews, homos – anyone different.  Anyone not subservient. Any stupid Untermenschen with hopes of raising themselves.

The Controller smiled and carefully replaced “Art of War” back on the shelf.  Infinite ignorant cannon fodder.  What joy!


3.The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, Stieg Larsson


Swedish title : Luftslottet Som Sprangdes ( literally translation ‘The Air Castle That Was Blown Up’)

Publication dateMay 2007

English publication: October 2009 UK

Product description : from the Trade Paperback  edition

In the third volume of the Millennium series, Lisbeth Salander lies in critical condition in a Swedish hospital, a bullet in her head.

But she’s fighting for her life in more ways than one: if and when she recovers, she’ll stand trial for three murders. With the help of Mikael Blomkvist, she’ll need to identify those in authority who have allowed the vulnerable, like herself, to suffer abuse and violence. And, on her own, she’ll seek revenge–against the man who tried to killer her and against the corrupt government institutions that nearly destroyed her life


If the first two book of Millennium series were good, the third is even better.

I enjoyed reading every word…

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In the wonderful world of summer movies you will generally get a vast assortment of visual bonbons constructed from video games, cartoon characters, and comic books, along with new sequels to previously viewed originals, or even new visions of past originals. In short, we see stuff we’ve seen before. But when an original idea pops up in the form of a new movie, we must all take notice.

Christopher Nolan’s brand new movie Inception which opened today, is indeed a new idea in film making and story telling. We’ve not really seen too many movies about dreams. Yes, we’ve seen many movies where there’s something going on, and it’s frightening, or it is intense, and then, someone awakens … and we realize that what we had just seen… was only a dream. That dream was a bit of deceptive gamesmanship by the screenwriter and director to either thrill us or…

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Psychic Bait

The gentle tap on the Controller’s door came late at night.  He hit the entry button and a slender man of indeterminate age walked quietly into the room.  The Controller gestured to the seat on the opposite side of the desk.

“I take it you have something to report?”

The man nodded and pushed a slim folder across the desk.

“I would rather hear it from you” the Controller said.

The man settled himself into his chair.

“We identified the perfect bait.  Young.  Conventional views.  No religious nor spiritual beliefs, objective, materialist atheist”.

The Controller nodded.  “As we suggested”.

“Our prayer team worked night and day for a week until we came up with the right formula.  Then we sent our psychics in to read the man.  We barely got them out alive.  Any psychic visiting this person will be trapped.  Unable to return to their bodies, they will die or be thought dead in a matter of days”.

The Controller steepled his fingers, resting back in his chair.

“So, the trap is set.  Now you want the go-ahead for the next stage?”

The man nodded.

The bait has no awareness of what he has become?”

“We chose someone with no psychic sensitivity.  He is not aware when he is visited.  Not aware he has been turned into a death trap.  And without this knowledge, lacking psychic ability, he has no way of warning his victims”.

“Perfect bait in other words.  Blind.  Innocent of conspiracy.  And unable to warn anyone even if he should find out”. The Controller sat upright in his chair.  “Well done. I think we can now move on to the next stage.  I will send a publicity team, with psychologists, sociologists, and internet experts to raise this man’s profile, to bring him to the attention of the free psychics”.

The man nodded.  “What do we do with the victims.  Do we let them die?”

“If you can reach them in time you can offer them a deal.  Stay and die, or work for us.  Either way it doesn’t matter.  We don’t want any independent psychics who are in a prime position to uncover what we are doing.  They work for us, or they die.  Now the trap has been set the next stage is to dangle the bait in front of the likely targets”.

The man nodded again and the Controller gestured dismissal.  Just as he was about to exit the door he turned.

“Our psychics are not happy about this.  The hell-supporters are, but none of the rest”.

The Controller stared, his eyes black and cold.

The man seemed to shrink inside himself. “We will monitor them and design a conditioning programme for any who appear to be having doubts”.

“Dismissed”, the Controller snapped coldly.


In Time – A Must See Movie For Those Interested In Social Issues

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Time is money.

Time is power.

Time is life.

I’m not a professional movie reviewer.  I just love movies and because of a class in college, I like getting into the heads of directors.  Is this a movie just for entertainment purposes, or are they showing us something deeper?  Is the focus on the characters or the message?  What about the script?  Does it tell, or does the director expect for the audience to understand deeper messages by showing rather than telling?

The movie In Time is one I just saw and want to watch again.  Released in 2011, I somehow missed it.  It is now being shown on FXM.

The message is deeper than the characters, although we need to watch the characters to understand the impact of the message.

In Time has taken everything about society and turned it into life expectancy that is issued out by unknown…

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Just another UFO Conspiracy Theory (War by Proxy)

“Is everything ready?”

“All the pieces are in place”.

The aliens relaxed in their office overlooking the city.  To the casual observer they were completely human, but inside their human shells clustered a honeycomb of cells, some empty, others occupied.  And each occupied cell contained a human soul. Elsewhere the owners of the souls were going about their daily lives, apparently normal, but their minds enslaved to the aliens’ bidding.

“How soon till the strike?” one asked, a slender finger stroking his handsome jaw.  He was a senior member of a state spy organisation.

“We have taken over key personnel in the government, spy agencies, police, military and media.  They are following our agenda.  We have instigated political instability in neighbouring Muslim lands, and made borders permeable. Migrants are providing protective cover in every city, town, village and rural area”.

“And the Muslim nations are co-operating?”

“Absolutely.  Their cultures’ condone genocide and their religion supports annihilating infidels.  They now see an opportunity to seize all wealth and lands of the West, minus the people.  We have demonstrated our biological weapons and given them a vaccine to give them immunity – but the immunity has an expiry date. In every country in the world, terrorist madmen would simultaneously release their deadly toxins. One side wipes the other side out, then dies themselves – and we have a clean world to occupy”.

Inside the honeycombed bodies of the aliens, the captive souls of politicians, generals, spies, media leaders, screamed and fought for release – but to no avail.

Outside, their slave bodies blandly went about their business, building the stage for Armageddon.

The aliens turned silently to the window and gazed out on the world that would soon be theirs.