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The Career Trajectory of an Honest Man

The Senior Sales Manager was overseas canvassing customers. An evening out drinking with a customer, the client extended an invitation to visit a brothel. The Manager demurred, but as the client was insistent, to humour him he went along.

It was an upmarket establishment, like a luxury hotel. The client disappeared and the Manager waited for him admiring the decor and ignoring the girls. An extremely beautiful young woman approached and asked if there was anything he wanted. He smiled and said – no, he was waiting for his friend. Shortly afterwards an even  more beautiful woman approached him. Again he declined explaining he was happily married. She  then asked perhaps he might be interested in a young man. Spluttering in his drink, the Manager explained, no, he wasn’t interested. He was just accompanying a friend.

When his friend reappeared the Manager was thankful to leave and thought no more about the incident.


The “friend” left his report with his Controller. The Controller was not well pleased. He called the Manager’s secretary to a meeting. She explained her boss was completely above board. His credentials were sound. His technical, business and human skills were first rate and his pre-eminence in his field was well deserved. He ran a tight ship. The least sign of malpractice and that employee was given his marching orders.

The Controller reported to his Superior.

“We can’t have a man of that social rank, pre-eminent in his field not under our control”, he was told. “He stamps on illegitimate activities in his subordinates; he rejects bribes and can’t be blackmailed. We can’t control him”.

The Superior threw the file back at the Controller. “Destroy his career. Any method available”.


A year later the ex-Manager was living in a squalid bed-sit. His wife had inexplicably left him, taking the house. He had hit the bottle hard and had been invited to hand in his resignation. He had worked his way up from nothing, now he was back to nothing. At 49 his working life was over. He took another drink. It was the only thing that took away the pain.

The “friend” reported to his Controller. “And his replacement?”

“One of ours”.

“Good work” said the Controller. “In a year that company will be completely under our control – or out of business”.


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Strangers And Poetry

We spoke about politics

And the way things

Are going,

How wealth is piling

Like a snowstorm blowing

At the feet of a few,

We spoke about governments

Their way of controlling,

We spoke about fears

With a sense of knowing

There’s little we can do.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Coincidences”

8:02 PM January 22, 2015

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Conversation with a freedom fighter

The elderly freedom fighter and the  European met in an observation lounge overlooking the city.

“There, to the right” said the freedom fighter gesturing to the rows of shiny new houses “there used to be dingy terraced streets. Low rent, secure tenancy. Those houses were the first to go when the  Troubles started. The rent for one of those new houses would have paid the rent for the entire street”.

He pointed to a shiny new shopping arcade, a clone of those you find in every modern city the world over. “That is the New Market, built on the site of the Old Market, which was bombed and burnt down at the start of the Troubles. If you wanted a bargain it was the place to go. Not now though”.

The European nodded.

The freedom fighter pointed to a tall building on the left. “That is the University. Used to have the highest proportion of working class students of any University in the country. Now it is mainly wealthy foreigners. The locals can’t afford it”.

The European nodded again. “I noticed on the way in there were large billboards proclaiming the evils of abortion in very blunt terms. You have a problem with abortion here?”

“None at all. Abortion is illegal here”.

“And other billboards promising the law would certainly act on the occasion of hate crimes”.

The freedom fighter nodded. “That is because of the large number of European migrants here now”.

“Yet the locals have to migrate away to find work?”

The freedom fighter looked thoughtful.

“So,” the European went on, “what did you achieve?”

The freedom fighter thought back to when he was a boy playing in those same dingy streets, shopping at the Old Market and going to University, before the  Troubles and nobody cared what religion you were.  Now working class people had lost their secure low rent housing; their value for money market with working class traders and nobody could afford an education. The bright newly rebranded city was filled with foreigners and young trendies basking in the glamour of the city’s past. And you still had to go to  England to get work.

“Well, was it a successful campaign?”



Haiku – Fangs

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One Poet Ranting

Centuries traveled

Showing the world my darkness

With each little bite


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The first use of the word “vampire” in English wasn’t until 1734, when it was mentioned in a book called Travels of Three English Gentlemen. Although the idea of the “undead” returning to attack the living is ancient and occurs in many cultures, the bloodsucking vampire we recognise today arose in south-eastern Europe in the 17th century. Versions of the word “vampire” exist in all the Slavic languages and some linguists have traced it back to ubyr, the Tatar word for “witch”. via QI: Quite interesting facts about vampires – Telegrap

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