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Reflections on our lives

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Sun through cloud

Pavement shines rain pecking dots

Water pools ripples circles

Sun in pool of rain

Just like our life

Sun cloud rain reflection

Reflections on our lives.


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the bard

chester maynes

when silence outside
is the remedy of a
chaos mind
these feet slip from
the agnostic sleep
and bed is rejected
afraid to get drunk
escaping from the pain

what sight forlorn
even the full bright
of the moon embarks a weep
not anyone share his burden
so fully misunderstood
unseen in the
suffering of a bachelor
and this bard is a
disappearing shadow
so much attained

the morrow approaches
evading the rising of the sun
leaving only the footsteps
on the earth that smells green


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Thinking of Li Po at Sky’s End (after Tu Fu)

O at the Edges


Thinking of Li Po at Sky’s End (after Tu Fu)

Cold wind rises at the sky’s end.
What does he consider?
And when will the geese arrive?
The rivers and lakes are full this autumn
but poets’ fates are seldom pleasant.
Demons love to see us fail.
Let’s think of dead Ch’u Yuan
and offer poems to the river.

The transliteration on reads:

Thinking of Li Po at the End of the Sky

Cold wind rise sky end
Gentleman thought resemble what?
Goose what time come?
River lake autumn water much
Literature hate fate eminent
Demons happy people failure
Respond together wronged person language
Throw poems give Miluo

According to the notes at, the wild goose is a symbol of autumn, letters and travellers in difficulties. The wronged person is Qu Yuan, a poet of the fourth century BC who drowned himself in the Miluo river – another…

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Employee Value

Let it come from the heart

He is
That stands for
Easily replaceable

It’s the number
Some office worker
Uses to get his wages
Every month

It stands for
Being overworked

It stands for
From management
And customers
Five days a week

It stands for
Knowing that he has
No choice
But to take the abuse
If he wants
To keep his job
And take home
Some money

It is nothing
To the executives
Who would be
If it was the value
Of their
Yearly bonus

But it’s more
Than he earns
In a year

He’s heard that
There are some companies
Out there
Who respect their

But he’s never
Worked for one

It doesn’t matter
He won’t be working here
For much longer

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Hold the mirror

The evil have no mirror

they cannot bear their own reflection

they cannot look themselves in the eye.

They would dissolve in shame,

like vampires in the light of day.


The enemies of truth,

truth is their undoing.

Exposed to truth,

they shrivel and die.


They flee the light

to hide their crimes,

their secret crimes,

obscene, unseen.


Betrayers of trust,

betrayers of hope,

betrayers of truth,

betrayers of life.


Hold the mirror.

Make them look. 


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