Poem: The Lady of Shalott

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27 Aug 2010

Waterhouse: The Lady of Shalott

One of my favorite poems, The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson. It tells the story of a cursed lady (said to be Elaine The Fair) living on an Island near Camelot. She is forbidden to look at Camelot directly, doomed to stare at the world through a mirror, weaving what she sees into a tapestry.

One day, Sir Lancelot passes on the other side of the water. The Lady is instantly besotted and can’t stop herself; she looks through the window and sees the world as if the first time, with all the beauty and glory of Camelot and Sir Lancelot. She then prepares her coffin, a boat, where she lays and is carried with the stream.

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