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Symbolic awakening

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Thoughts of the Fallen

Look up! Look up!
The clouds are lifting, the sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light.
We are coming into a new world. A kind new world where men will rise above their hate and brutality
A new world in which we give those we leave behind the future we were promised
The promise that we’re all equal and life is just a collection of moments and memories
Memories that we cherish as if they are all we have left
Left with us are our dreams and desires as we fade away into darkness
Darkness that invigorated the soul and mind on a new level of understanding.

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when the walls collapse

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Wallflower Whimsy


Maybe I was there.

Maybe you were there.

Maybe you and I

looked up at the stars

as the eyes

of infinite gods,

or the infinite eyes

of one god –

and we imagined

the possibilities.

Maybe we stood

at the feet of

rhythmic waves

as their rumbling

voices hinted

of secrets beneath

the arc of deep blue,

and we imagined

the possibilities.

Maybe there was

a time between lives,

before and after

everything was named,

when we witnessed

the ground beneath

our feet

and skies above

our eyes

without condition.

This meaning

without name,


without cost,


without judgement

is lost

when human eyes

are closed

and the blind

pursuit begins.

As if life’s beauty

itself isn’t enough

to satisfy

the reason

for being,

we shamefully define

that which

defies definition,

breeding foolish pride

with each steadfast


widening the rift

between man and nature.

Greed and power

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Everything is new – but we forget

the wisdom of the child.

The folly of the old who’ve seen it

all before, and THINK they know.

Each second born anew, each new breath

– never before.

This moment never happened

until it happened now.

That is the poet’s work,

the artist’s joy,

to show the world anew because it is.


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Early, right before the day notices me again

comes the first wound driven from the earth

and speaks coldly, in chilled, lightbroken waters:


I am wind extinguished light,

dearest sorrowfriend you have met,

those left traces in the marsch


The second wound, around self-defence cast,

overnourished this Universe hopeless coldstricken embrace

and have soon used up all my vunerability,

reached in to Time and awake constantly bent:


Sorrow have played too long on its own board

with Life laid up as being a fickled nothing

(Hidden events fully rooted in advance

handing here Fate itself as fully written)


Final peel of pity scraped down

A cold grip soon to been turned right



There, over hushed dusk

and trembling candle flickering

risen as a shimmering: Clarity;

Home to the last wound


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Big Man

DoubleU = W


Lording over the weak,

oppressing with power,

causing them to shrink

in submission.


You feel like a big man,

you feel powerful,

you feel like the ruler

of all you purvey.


You are none of this.

You are a weakling,

You are nothing, no one,

without the weak to prey on.


When everything is gone,

All good taken from you,

The tables will be turned –

You will become the weak.


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ChinHooi Ng's Poetic Notes

Santa Claus,

shouldering the mission of love,

walking in the direction of the floating winter snow,

he’s traveled everywhere,

issueing big red packages,

the holy soul of the moon,

wandering in the wintertime,

blessings of love,

bringing joy and good fortune,

the flame of love burning,

the light of life,

a smile and kindness,

warming the Christmas time,

festive atmosphere difusing,

into streets and back lanes,


breath of holidays rendering,

a jubilant scene,

colorful store windows encrusted ,

with merriness of Christmas,

Christmas trees wrapped,

with blurred colored lights,

dynamic feelings surging,

in this joyous evening,

faith and conviction,

demonstrating boundless energy,

happiness and smile roam,

the faces of children,

felicity rippling ,

humor rising,

hearty laughter reverberating,

a theater of dreams,

of vague colorful wishes,

sweet refreshing music resounding,

snowflakes costuming landscapes,

Christmas festooning icy memorable moments,

spires of pines and cypresses,

gilding the countryside,

lamps and candles,

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