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Nathan B. Poetry

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The rain to us is life from above
But what if they were the tears from above?
From those long gone and those in our thoughts
From our past brothers and sisters that are now long gone
The tears on the glass are a witness to this
There they stain the glass with those thoughts from above
Oh to hear what each drop could pronounce
A journey long awaited to drop on us
The tears from above is the way I see them
Calling us today to remember their names
The tears from above are for me to remember
In times lapse of wonders will I never forget
And when you see those tears from above
Those that we call rain
Just remember the name
Of those gone before as they watch from above
And give a thought from what comes from above
And never forget the tears from above

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A Reminder by Rain

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Subdued Flamboyance

It was raining last night,
calm, gentle rain,
that tapped against my window pane,
& called me back from unsettled sleep,
to soothe a heart too numb to weep.

I pushed my window open wide,
to let the soothing rain rush inside.
It caressed my cheeks, lips, eyes & hair,
And for a moment I thought,
My beloved you were there.

I was in fact thinking of you today,
and these days, I actually do that a lot it seems.
You’re always in my heart by day,
at night you drift into my dreams.

I want to feel you in my arms,
Even though you’re so miles away.
I hope you still remember me deep in your heart,
Even if we speed on different paths today.

I want to be the music that you listen to,
I’ll be there in every song.
I’ll laugh with you and sing with you,

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dעr tאlmid

she is sitting behind her desk
her face is lit
(just a reflection of the computer screen on her skin)
do you hear the music of the storm
played by the raindrops and wind
on your windowsill

do you think rain has the soul
or maybe it is like us
let its drops randomly collide
and then fall
and then fall

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