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Psychic death trap

The Controller sat in his private study. He had been given an estimate of the numbers of potential psychics in the population, and the numbers appalled him – everyone who engaged in creative activity – music, art, literature. Any imaginative activity. And children, the most imaginative of all.

The Muslims had a point after all! His respect for the historical Middle Eastern despots soared. Centuries ago they had identified resources among the people who might threaten their power and eliminated them via religion.

His remit was to nip the problem in the bud. Stop the next generation of mystics from reaching adulthood or realising their powers.

Already Controllers engineered environments to wreck potential psychics minds in childhood – family abuse, sibling abuse, sexual abuse, wrecking families, taking children into care, bullying in schools, abduction and killing.  It was a huge investment requiring a lot of resources targeted at individuals. But it was not possible – yet – to create an abusive environment for every child. Nor could his controlled psychics identify every child with talent.

What he needed was a trap. And bait. Something to lure as many  children as possible with psychic talent to their deaths.

Perhaps a story about a child wizard, and/or a mystical warrior but based on a real person. Tamper with the real person, turn them into a death trap.


The most psychically gifted children astral travel. Much of the time not realising what they were doing – just taking a journey in their imagination.

What if they could be induced to seek out a mind which would trap them? From which they would not be able to leave?

What could the Controllers do to to turn the real person into a death trap? Some kind of psychic attack?

The Controller scribbled notes. Attack the psychic on all sides so he uses every resource available to protect himself. If possible damage his intelligence and do everything possible to induce him to make mistakes. The Controller knew from experiments carried out on his own psychics how mistakes could easily result in fatalities.

Most people are unaware of intrusion into their minds. To force the psychic to retaliate make the invasion  of his mind obvious to him. Perhaps he would institute some self-protective mechanism which would kill intruders, such as preventing them from leaving. Perhaps.

If the death trap could be successfully arranged, the next stage was to create the bait to lure the children to their deaths. A magical hero in a magical fantasy land which the children would want to visit.

That might do it.


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