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The covert war against psychics and prayer people

From the moment ruling powers discovered psychic/magical/mystical powers were real it became a priority to corner the market. All people with such powers were to be identified, recruited, or if not recruitable, disabled and/or destroyed.

People with evil orientations were little problem. Without morality, serving evil and happy for the opportunity to have a licence to cause harm without repercussions, they could easily be bought.

The problems were the good psychics, the committed enemies of evil,  and prayer people, not psychics at all but channels of Divine Will. Their loyalties lay with good and the powers of good. But deception is the ocean spies swim in. In some countries the populace innocently believed in their governments – that they were moral, broadly subscribed to Christian values respecting God, upheld rule of law, subscribed to and were guardians of the values of the people – on this mistaken belief even good psychics and prayer people could be recruited. And because their loyalty/obedience could not be relied on, put under the authority of the evil psychics in order to control or break or destroy them.

Psychics were used to seek out any psychic/magical/mystical power occurring in the populace, from early childhood. To identify the power and set in motion the task whether to recruit – the evil ones, or disable or destroy the ones who worked for good. But those with exceptional powers would always be recruited while still children. With careful conditioning before their moral and social values had formed they could be converted. Children would disappear, apparently abducted. Everyone would remark how good the missing child was – like an angel.

Different formulas occurred for those with lesser abilities. They would be monitored to identify their capability. Their environment would be meddled with to obstruct psychic/mystical development. Noise is a frequent factor. Sexual and emotional abusers would be pushed at them. Every distraction possible to interrupt development of any ability. It was an early discovery that people with any type of creative ability often had mystical abilities. Rigid, narrow minded people rarely showed any talent. But liberal, open-minded, flexible thinkers often did. Societal programmes were instigated to handicap creativity – by obstructing learning opportunities, removing rewards, blocking venues, replacing real creativity with faux talent; polluting the general social environment with noise, criminal, anti-social and mentally unbalanced elements (including inclusion of children in every social venue, whose only reliable characteristic is generating chaos) to maximise social fear and uncertainty. Also re-designing education and social norms to prevent independent thought.

Identified psychics/mystics had interventions tailored to their individual talents. They would be monitored for development of their abilities, tested at intervals, specially designed psychic and other attacks would be implemented to shut down development, and they would be offered bribes in case they should be corruptible.

This is my story.

As an infant, aged about 3, (1955) I turned the corner of my country cottage in the garden and saw a large rat with glowing red eyes. Terrified I ran indoors to my mother who told me it couldn’t possibly be there. One of my earliest memories.

Aged about 5, just before falling asleep I opened my eyes in pitched darkness to see an evil face immediately in front of me – like an outline in chalk on a blackboard.

About the same age I woke up in the night – and this was the silent countryside – because I could hear an adult party going on. I heard voices and the tinkle of glasses. I followed the sound and went out into the back garden, where the noise suddenly stopped, like a door closing. I stood alone in the dark crying, then went back to bed.

Slightly older, I woke to find myself looking at the ceiling of the room about an inch above my face. I panicked and found myself back in bed.

About 7, other children at school who had lost things would come to me because I was able to help them find them. An aunt had given me a beautiful butterfly broach which I treasured and sometimes wore to school. Somebody spoke to me in my head saying “If you continue doing this one day you will find something better left unfound”. Shortly after I lost my broach. Another child found it and brought it back to me. The broach had been trampled and destroyed. The present was unusual as I was always given gifts I didn’t want.

A potential friendship with about the only child I had wanted to be friends with was forcibly broken up. The girl was a very devout Christian from a strong Christian family. We were on the same wavelength and understood each other.

I had early artistic tendencies. On one occasion I was in the countryside in the initial stages of a drawing of the countryside around me when it was like a hand forcibly took mine and deeply scored the delicate line of the horizon I was trying to draw. There was a feeling of great anger. I think something was said too, although I don’t remember. It was along the lines of “the likes of you? (Irish peasant?) shouldn’t be doing art”.  (I later won prizes at grammar school for art, but I virtually stopped drawing at primary school as a result of the shock of that experience).

Aged about 8 I looked out the window of a neighbour’s house to see a man on a parachute falling into the field opposite. I told the neighbour who went to look and said that wasn’t possible. We lived about two miles from a disused airfield which had been used in the war.

It was about the same time my mother described a strange experience. She said she looked out the window to see my father walking up the lane. She supposed he had come home early from work and went out to meet him. He wasn’t there. He came home as normal several hours later.

Aged about 13, I had attached a small bell to the light cord in my room. When I was home alone and it was quiet I happened to glance at the bell and had the random thought “If there is anyone there, let the bell ring”. It did. That freaked me out. I took the bell down.

On another occasion I was playing with a pack of cards. I thought to myself, I will name each card before I turn it over. I did. Three times in a row. In a panic I threw the cards down. But something felt wrong. It felt as if there was something evil in the room.


There were a handful of other odd events of a similar nature which occurred to me, my mother, father and a close friend (who later died at an early age. A very talented musician).

In retrospect one possible explanation for the quirk events was I and my parents were being tested. The tests indicated that we were all “receivers”. We could pick up messages sent to us. I possibly had some small degree of potential psychic ability along these lines, but the development was obstructed by various interventions including trauma attached to learning experiences, to close down the ability and general wholesale harassment in my environment.

Any tests indicating psychic ability indicate I am not psychic. A handful of quirk events over a lifetime is normal.

However, in middle age I discovered I was a prayer warrior. By then I speculated what the security services were doing and discarded my gift.


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