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Magic crime

Where magic is disbelieved, magic crime is invisible.

The Controller entered his office, hanging his coat on a peg by the door. He noted the file waiting for him on his desk, and sat down and opened it. It was a report of one of the talent spotters identifying possible recruits. He picked out a pen, a green marker and pencil, and began to read.

1. Gypsy. Power to influence minds. Using it to induce people to buy from her.

The Controller placed a green tick by her name. Definitely useful.

2. African. Astral travel. Using it to case premises to determine if worth burgling.

Another green tick.

3. Czech. Necromancer.

The Controller paused. Interesting, but not useful. He pencilled a comment that monitoring should continue in case some useful ability emerged.

4. Able to summon and command Fire Elemental. Using it to curse. Causing fires and deaths all over.

Definitely. Very useful! Green tick and added comment in ink, “Recruit at all costs. Priority”.

5. Sees the future.

Absolutely. Another priority.

That was the list for the day. The Controller closed the file and called for his secretary. “Take this back to Lamb, will you? Good job. And send a coffee up on your way back”.


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Eye Spy


Where they came from magic was the norm.

Where they came to – it was unknown.

Secretive magic,

dark, greedy magic,

selfish to the bone.


They lived in many places

and astral travelled,

spying on their neighbours,

spying on their labours

seeking out their wealth.


You think you are alone,

but another mind is in there prying,

trying to take hold.

A lovely face you knew

they will pursue

and steal from you

and turn to gold.