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Fun flying kittens

I was bored and wandering around my flat wondering what to do. The kittens, in single file, follow my leader, followed after, looking for fun and  hoping for adventure. We arrived together at the spare room, empty but for a double mattress on the floor.  I stopped and looked at the mattress. So the kittens did too.

Carefully I lifted the lead kitten and from about 2 feet up, threw him gently onto the middle of the mattress. He bounced, then kitten style, with dignity walked back to us. I picked up the second kitten, toss, bounce, walk. The third, the fourth, and found the first kitten at my feet, now again at the head of the queue. Threw again. Now he ran from his bounce to join the end of the queue. (Who taught kittens to queue?). Second likewise. Toss, bounce, run, queue. Kittens at a fairground living the dream that all felines have – the dream they can fly.

I tired of the game long before they did. But many a gloom is dispelled with the memory of the happy, flying, bouncing kittens.