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Monopoly of Power

The Controller hated psychics. He hated psychics, witches, magical people, sensitives, shamans, mediums – whatever you want to call them.  Which made him so good at his job. A zealous, fanatical, paranoid hatred and fear only equalled by his employers.

His employers at one time had initiated psychical research in the hopes of mastering such super-abilities for themselves. What they discovered horrified them. Psychical abilities far from being rare were commonplace. No, not to a high order, but most people had a degree of psychic ability, and this was one element in the power of crowds. Get a large number of low level people together and together, if they had a single objective, their collective will had an effect. And not only in the psychic area.

As Jesus had said – where a number of people gather together –  prayer and meditation also released power.

Further the Controller’s employers had noticed the uncanny way artistic works predicted future events – sometimes a century in advance, when the prediction could not be based on a logical extrapolation of current events. Research confirmed that creativity in every area, literature, art, music, innovation, was associated with and often an indicator of psychic ability.

The Controller’s employers prime objective was to obtain a monopoly on power. They did not wait until their power was challenged. Any indication that anyone or any group had the potential to challenge or reduce their power set alarm bells ringing. That person became an immediate target for absorption, destruction or permanent removal.

At once society was awash with potential enemies. Creative children who wished to write, or paint, or play music, were now the remit of the Controller’s faction. Children who day-dreamed.  Skilled artisans who required imagination and creativity in order to innovate, to use their minds to enter new ground to solve problems. Political thinkers whose imagination could predict with some accuracy the direction events were going.

The Controller’s employers found themselves in a world of enemies. But most of all – psychics. Individuals in the population whose power could enable them to stumble on the truth of what the Controller’s faction were doing. Not only seeking to monopolise power by any method, legal or illegal. Moral or immoral. But to identify and absorb every intelligence, every talent in society into themselves or into their service.

They used the psychics they had conscripted to identify other psychics in the population, who would be targeted for recruitment or destruction.

They set to re-designing society to prevent the development of creative ability. Art works which anyone could create were lauded as masterpieces, showcased in pre-eminent art galleries and the artists ludicrously rewarded in fame and money. At the same time realism, and genuine skill was sneered at.

Education was re-designed to crush the innate creative exploration of children. To imprison their minds in cages of fear and anxiety, and draconian punishments for being different, thinking independently, or doing anything they had not been told they were allowed to do or think.

The general populace was bombarded with noise and social nuisance which the authorities blithely ignored. Creative people could find no peace to engage in creative activities as everywhere they went they were hounded by noisy, anti-social neighbours.

Spiritual types, people who wished to meditate and “connect” likewise were denied the safe space and quiet necessary for meditation or contemplative prayer.

Policies were put into place to herd people from the countryside where creativity flourishes into the towns and cities where their environments could be easily controlled.

A cult was designed to trap unsuspecting members of the public directly under state control to harass the people the Controllers’ most feared.

The people didn’t know it, but the power monopolists were their enemy, using every method, employing every institution to destroy any potential power among them.

The Controller’s legitimate targets were all psychics, religious people, intelligent people, creative people.

There was only one class of people the Controllers wanted.

Slaves.  Men and women only sufficiently intelligent to do the work and provide sexual entertainment. Everyone else was perceived as a threat.


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