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Made Of Black

Reblogged with kind permission.

Inky African


I am proud of this color
Singing to the tunes of the harp
We are the sons and daughters of a bold being
Molded with power and love
Molded in strength and beauty

We are black
Black isn’t human color
Black is our hearts color
So any other heart color beats 72 beats per minutes
But ours beats a million times 72 per micro second
Cos we are made of black

As a matter of fact
We are the changing forces of the universe
At battle fields we wear no bullet proof vests
We fight at the peak of “Best”
Cos we are made of black

Light isn’t light if it shines in light
Light is light when it shines in darkness
Black is light
I am Luther king, Ali, Kunta, Mansa Musa, Nat king Cole, Malik al-Shabazz, Black Apollos with massive physique, Emmet Till, Maya, Obama, Nkrumah, the big…

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