The visiting Controller entered the Controller’s office quietly. The Controller shook hands then  gestured to the leather armchairs by the window overlooking a superb view of London. Moments later a secretary entered with two cups of coffee.

The Controllers sat comfortably drinking their coffees and idly surveying the view.

“So it’s all wrapped up then?” the London controller asked his northern counterpart.

The man nodded. “The old school have all been – ‘retired’, and the new blood in place”.

The Controller nodded. “A perennial problem for law enforcement and spies. When you infiltrate the criminals how do you know the criminals aren’t playing you?  That issue was solved by becoming criminals ourselves. Now we hold all the cards. We control every criminal enterprise”.

He turned to his northern counterpart. “Well done in the North. Now we have swept out the Patriots and law and order ninnies, we can get down to business. How much has the department brought in from trafficking this year?


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Surplus to requirements

The secretary left the green file on his desk. He glanced at her then picked it up and leafed through it. This was his own work, his own policy. He shut the file then stood and surveyed the stunning view of London from his window. He could see the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. Politics was so simple and so complicated. As also was business.

He sat at his desk and reviewed his file. His employers were well pleased. His policies were having effect.

The problem had been a simple one. Pursuit of profits. Unlike 3rd world countries where people would work from dawn to dusk, eat scraps, and reproduce their families on the street and go to work again the next day, Western workers expected living wages, decent living conditions, and failing that economised by stopping having children. The culture of national pride, mutual responsibility, and compassion were obstructing his employers profits. Health care meant that workers sometimes lived decades after their working lives were over, being supported by taxes in health care and pensions the elite could use in other ways.

The task he had been set was to dissolve the culture of mutual support and compassion and institute policies to kill off the surplus workforce who held out for decent pay and conditions to be replaced by the more amenable slaves, now a glut on the world labour market.

Dissolving national boundaries had been the first step. A false flag nationalist group had then been created to equate nationalism with xenophobia and fascism, the latter anathema to the general populace. Utopian dreams of world peace had then been disseminated widely over the media and through the education system taking the credit for the then comfortable and stable social conditions, the heritage of a successfully run nation state. Then  the fairy tale was spread that but for the existence of the unaccountable, trans-national government, national identity would have caused further wars. The Controller smiled at that one. Of course, it had been necessary to first remove history as a school subject and dilute the news to trivia and propaganda to disarray the general populations reality perspective. There was no reason for politically stable flourishing democratic nations  with broadly the same culture to go to war. But to make sure the impression of conflict resulting from nation states did appear to be the case the new trans-national government deliberately included within its boundaries failing states of notable poverty and corruption with historical and ongoing political, religious and ethnic conflict. If there isn’t a problem, create one. Dissolving the boundaries between countries powered up all the criminal networks and enabled every problem in every land to immediately disperse and take root everywhere. Free movement of labour between the previous nations in the new trans-national state with porous borders, propagandised as an absolute right,  enabled mass world migration into the new “country”. Migration from the most dysfunctional, anarchic and corrupt countries in the world was encouraged and assisted. Western women needed to be brought down a peg or two. Third world countries knew women’s appropriate role as sex providers, reproducers of men, and domestic slaves.

The news media censored or down-played any story describing the increasing mayhem and social disruption, only presenting stories that supported  the view that the new system was working perfectly. Every opportunity was taken and invented to “prove” that the present day system was an improvement on the previous. Elderly people who persisted in arguing that in fact the previous system had worked better – better education, better healthcare, better work with better pay, conditions and pensions, better transport, better services, better accommodation, better policing, better cultural opportunities, better community, were ignored and sidelined. The new generation knew better. It was about the only thing they had learnt in school. And now tertiary education had been restored to the preserve of the privileged elite, and the opportunities for self education had been closed off, one by one, they would never learn to question the parameters within which biased information was presented to them. Besides, even with a university education they would need higher degrees in psychology, sociology, history, politics, business, marketing,  economics, drama, advertising, journalism, criminology, anthropology, social psychology, religion, the study of cults and brainwashing,  group dynamics, statistics, medicine, and covering all specialisms within each subject, to start to grasp the massive con trick being practised against them. No individual had those resources – but the Controller’s employers had.

A new taboo was invented preventing discussion of what was happening. Anything touching on the subject of the disruption resulting from the changes was conflated with racism, dishonest and insulting to the native populace who were heterogeneous in background, nationally and racially and world-renowned for their tolerance.

Removing life supporting services was not done directly as this could have provoked a reaction. Changes were introduced piecemeal, in small steps, ignored or down-played by the media. Removing Wardens from Sheltered Housing was introduced without fanfare. The results in ill and vulnerable elderly dying due to absence of a Warden to check up on them were kept out of the newspapers. As the elderly no longer down-sized to Sheltered Accommodation as there was no-one to look after them, the vacant flats were turned over to disruptive tenants to stress the remaining elderly into early deaths.

Simultaneously with demand being at its highest, hospital beds and nursing staff were reduced to the lowest numbers ever. GP’s services were reduced, removed or made unobtainable. Ambulance services were cut, and the age of the person needing the ambulance was always asked so that if it was an elderly person delays of an hour or more could be made, increasing the likelihood of death.

In everyone’s life there are areas of particular vulnerability. People get over them if they have the resources and social support. Without the resources and social support the  consequences can be fatal. The two most vulnerable stages are youth at the transition from school into work, and the elderly in the transition from work into retirement. Remove social support from these two areas and the death rate surges.

For the young, trashed educational standards and the removal of discipline in schools resulted in young people leaving schools without employable skills. To make sure they couldn’t afford to support themselves even if they found work, their wages were set at derisory levels. Young people generally discriminated against by private landlords were also denied access to social and subsidised housing. The only vulnerable group excluded. Former criminals and the mentally ill were given preference for social housing on the basis that private landlords discriminated against them, in order to focus crime and social disruption on the poor and away from the privileged, and to save money. Social negatives can be turned into social positives by channelling problems at groups you wish to sabotage.

That took care of the young.

The other end of the age spectrum was more of a problem. People who had worked through their lives and neared retirement were enjoying a mainly problem free transition from work to pension, able to retain their lifetime savings, and live reasonably well for the next thirty years.

Despite job shortages and the 20 billions injected into the economy by the new migrants, the retirement age was put back. This caught many in the over-fifties age group in a trap. Failing health or the failing health of their partner along with the very competitive job market forced many out of work. Formerly sickness benefit or employment benefit would have carried these people into retirement, but everything possible was done to prevent access. Fifty and sixty year olds, in failing health and/or having caring responsibilities now found themselves without financial support. Those that had savings could manage for a year or two, but eventually most would be unable to afford their rent or pay the running costs of their homes. Inevitably this caused fatalities, directly and indirectly, saving on paying out pensions.

Every support structure was undermined or removed. Organisations whose origins were to deal with specific problems, most notably charities, had their original purposes removed to be replaced by propaganda fronts. Homeless charities no longer provided accommodation, but only talked about it.  Mental health charities stopped providing drop-in centres and respite care, but were generous with free advice. Charity shops became professionally run profit making businesses, maximising profit rather than selling second hand goods at nominal prices.

Methods learnt from support charities dealing with the despairing and suicidal were transferred to other institutions to generate despair and provoke suicide. One charity running a help-line whose policy was to delicately ask callers at some point “Have you ever thought of suicide?” to enable a despairing person to talk about a taboo subject, and get them to talk about their problems and gain perspective, had this technique hi-jacked by welfare agencies, to “put ideas” into desperate people’s heads, to “nudge” them into something they might not have thought of, in a similar way to secret police agent provocateurs presenting crime opportunities to people they wish to set up.

Disruption, creating stress, manufacturing social instability and generating fear – constant social churn was the mechanism. Keep attacking the enemy on every front, don’t allow them to rest for a moment to take stock of the situation to identify where all the problems are coming from – one single source.

The statistics were in though zealously protected from public view. Deaths in sheltered housing due to absence of wardens; deaths of elderly due to ambulance delays; deaths of elderly and young in hospitals due to shortage of medical attention and hospital beds; deaths of elderly due to not being able to afford heating; deaths of elderly denied supportive care; deaths of young homeless; starvation of people denied welfare benefits they were entitled to; over all increased death rates caused by poverty, stress, homelessness and destitution.

Soon the native population wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Harassed on every side, without living wage jobs, unable to find affordable accommodation, denied police protection, medical care, welfare and pensions. The redundant population was on its way out, with every assistance from the establishment.

The new slaves were arriving daily by the bucket loads. The nation states dismantled, their evils  confined to history.  The new world Utopia was on its way as is already being experienced in Europe.  All the world’s workers reduced to the gutter.  Just two social classes. The only two needed. Masters and slaves.


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A dystopian novel

The old paperback, dusty and cover-torn lay unnoticed under the bed. The orderlies just removed the body, they had no time to look around, but they saw scenes like it several times a day. An old, ill, useless-eater who starved to death because their carers were too overworked or forgot to call. Not that they could do much in twenty minutes.

The old man had worked at sea in his young days. He had sailed the world and passed the time reading Science Fiction. The dystopian novel lying on the floor had predicted the society in which he died, but in the book the Nazis had won the war. There was no medical care nor welfare nor pensions. If you wanted a carer you paid for one yourself. Children were drilled 10 hours a day, taught that they were living in the best of all possible worlds. They were taught to sneak and creep and spy on their parents and family and to report any politically incorrect thought or action. They were taught sex from an early age and taught to mock “abstainers”. They were allowed in every venue, disrupting adult activities, causing accidents with the elderly and infirm, for which the adult always got the blame, the reason for the accident being ignored. The person had arthritis and couldn’t get out of the way quickly. A blind person falling over a toddler zooming around, ending up in hospital and dying shortly after. The children used as tools to hammer vulnerable adults of every kind, whether physically or mentally impaired, and force the less than perfect to stay at home out of public view.

Oh, it was a brave new world, where children were treasured – until they too became adults – then it was survival of the fittest. Just as in nature – the weak and defective driven to the wall while the young and strong surge ahead. Well, that was the rhetoric. But when adulthood came those indulged children had a rude awakening. Slaving 10 hours a day, without safety measures, without sick pay or holidays, until their health broke prematurely, and they in turn were trampled underfoot.

The old man never thought he would see the day. It was just stories. A young man at sea he had  read stories to broaden his mind, to stimulate his thoughts. In spare moments he would stand on the deck of the ship and gaze out over the endless ocean, aware of the miles of water under his feet, and dream of distant planets and incredible life forms. Land was a boring experience. He lived for the sea and the life of the mind.

He never thought it would end this way. Where alien values of incredible crassness and cruelty had infected the  human race.  The book told it all. A day had come where every man was turned against his brother. Where women were for sex and growing babies. Where immature children were elevated above mature adults and allowed full rein in their childhood spite.

When he’d read the book, thirty years before, it had seemed incredible. It couldn’t happen. Yet it had.

He had been reading the book again in bed until it fell from his lifeless hands. With the wisdom of old age and the approaching transition the thought occurred – did the writer forsee what was going to happen, or did his thought, or the thought of one of his reader’s reading it – make it happen.


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The perfect village

The Controller studied the photographs on the desk before him. They were of two villages, one of which had just won the prestige of being declared “The Best Village in the County”.

Village A’s shops were mostly arranged around a village square. Going in a circle the shops consisted of a butcher’s, a hairdresser’s, Post Office, clothing, a pub, newsagent’s, hardware, a chemists’s, small supermarket, fruit and vegetables, another pub, a fish and chips, a small library and another supermarket. People were standing around chatting and others could be seen entering and leaving the shops. Shoppers for the neighbouring town were standing at a bus stop.

The square in Village B had a beautiful array of flowers in a large cart in the centre of the square. Lamp-posts were adorned with further floral displays in hanging baskets. The shops consisted of a butcher’s, a hairdresser’s, a charity for destitute youths, a newsagent’s, a chemist, a pub, a bookies, and a small supermarket. The windows of the closed up shops were adorned with full size pictures of what the previous businesses had been, so if you did not look too carefully it would seem as if you were passing a variety of shops doing business filled with happy customers. The bus stop had gone. Apart from the flowers the square was empty.

The Controller noted the Golden Award for Best Village 5 years in a row, proudly attached to Village B.

The Agent whose desk he was overlooking glanced up at him. “Sorry, Sir, I couldn’t resist looking at the before and after photos”.

“Perfectly in order”, the Controller reassured him.

“We have come a long way in twenty years. The country clearances are going well. First remove transport. Then services such as the Post Office, bank branches and libraries. Strangle small businesses with business rates, red tape and remove parking. The villages empty of their own accord”.

The Agent said nothing.

The Controller looked up at the rows of desks of Agents all busy at their work.

“This is just part of a larger process. Wealthy city people buy up country homes at inflated  city prices as second homes left vacant through most of the year, pricing the locals out of the market. We have gypsies on the pay-roll to set up encampments beside country homes, making £300,000 properties unsaleable, to discourage people from retiring to the countryside. We close down country schools on the argument they are too small so that young families do not come. We remove police cover and arrange some atrocious attacks on gentle, elderly people in their own homes to drive home the message that the countryside is a playground for criminals.  We dissuade GP’s from setting up practice and close the country hospitals. We make sure ambulances never arrive in less than an hour. We put wind farms on the outskirts so that people are driven mad by the continuous low frequency noise caused by the vanes. People soon get the message that the countryside, far from being a haven from the noise, crime and expense of the towns are unaffordable crime filled deserts, without facilities, inaccessible and unsafe”.

The Controller turned to the Agent and smiled. “We find an holistic rather than atomistic approach to problems works best. We aim to cover all bases”.

The Agent remained silent so the Controller answered the question he did not ask.

“Population is increasing – by design. We don’t want people overflowing from the expensive over-crowded towns and cities into the pleasanter life of the countryside. Our employers want maximum population to maximise their profits, but they don’t want to live in the overcrowded world they have created”.

“Does that answer your question?”

The Agent smiled.


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Family values

“Send him in”.

The Agent from the Family History’s Department entered carrying a thick blue folder. The Controller gestured for him to sit.


“We identified the matriarch at the end of the 19th century. Peasant woman with a very high IQ and robust health. In order to prevent her raising herself we arranged for a marriage with a middle class ne’r do well. Not obvious mental aberrations and unable to hold down a job or take any kind of responsibility. However the matriarch proved adaptive. With two children to support she worked at everything she could turn her hand to and became adaptive, wasting no resources and extracting maximum value from everything, habits of care and economy she instilled in her sons. Despite all our best efforts at sabotage and creating losses she just became hyper-careful anticipating anything that could go wrong and acting to prevent it. She even coined a phrase ” The only way to make sure that nothing bad happens is to make sure that it can’t happen”.

The Agent shook his head in frustration. ” She was scrupulously honest. We couldn’t get her to steal. And scrupulously moral. We couldn’t get her to engage in prostitution. She worked her way out of her difficulties and trained her children to do the same. Her children inherited her intelligence, work ethic, innovativeness and upward striving. They also had very amiable personalities”.

“Everything needed to be a success”, the Controller commented.

“Her children as adults…”

The Controller interrupted. “I take it you are going to tell me her children and marriage partners followed suit along with their children?”

The Agent nodded.

“Then we have a family whose characteristics if they work together is an effective unit for social progression, helping and protecting each other while they advance their careers”.

The Agent nodded again.

“Then we must disrupt this family. Prevent them from working together. Identify a relative who can be used to create division and atomise the relatives”.

“What if the family overcomes the disruption and coheres?”

The Controller smiled.

“Then they will have formed close bonds with each other and everyone becomes a potential hostage. Heads we win. Tails we win. Go to it”.


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The value chasers

As the Controller entered his office he noted the green file sent in by the Value Chasers Department. He called for his secretary to fetch a coffee and relaxed back to read it. This was the most routine work the Department did and he usually only had to approve the actions.

Subject A.      Single mother with two young children. Christmas was a horrendous time with huge bills and Christmas gifts. Subject A had noticed charity shops after Christmas received unwanted gifts. So she told her two infants Christmas was coming a week later, and bought the Christmas presents after Christmas brand new at a fraction of the price.

ACTION   Tour charity shops after Christmas and buy up new gifts to be put out through market stall at new prices.

The Controller ticked approval.

Subject B.         Working class man with a mathematical bent figured out a major prop of the bookies success was their detailed knowledge of horse racing statistics. Subject sought and found a comprehensive horse racing site giving detailed statistics. Same subject had also noticed that certain newspaper tipsters had a strike rate approaching 50%, with losing runs rarely over 4. He combined the two sets of information and was winning consistently.

ACTION            Remove the free statistics site and replace with a subscription site. Influence the newspaper tipsters to drop their strike rate to average with arbitrary losing runs up to 19.

Another tick.

Subject C.        Poor student but excellent shopper for value had discovered a high quality scent at a reasonable price from a national department store.

ACTION          Have the product removed then re-marketed at a higher price.

Subject D.       Elderly man keeping his electricity bill low by doing everything possible to limit his use.

ACTION          Put a standing charge on the meter and front-load the price per unit so that the earliest units cost more.

Subject E.         London retiree researched internet to find a cheap place to live outside London. Finds a Northern town where houses were cheap on a site which gave comparisons of cost of living in every part of the country.

ACTION            Had cost of living comparison site removed from web. Buy to let landlords despatched to town to buy up houses cheap and charge standard rents.

Subject F.        Woman working for a battered wives charity happened upon an article listing natural an-aphrodisiacs.

ACTION           Priority – this could impact on the lucrative sex industry. Article removed from the web immediately and an ongoing search installed to remove all similar articles.

Controller made another tick and added “Well done”.

The Secretary entered with his coffee just as the Controller finished writing. He closed the file and handed it to her to return to the Value Chasers Department.

It was ongoing, he thought as he sipped his coffee. Poor people devising ways to stretch meagre resources and avoid going into debt.

Every avenue they discovered was closed as quickly as possible.     How  could  you  get  people to work for low wages if they escaped from poverty?


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