This is how THEY play the game.

You are a boxer.  You are a champion with a good chance of winning.

You get in the ring to face your opponent; you square up, you fight, it is clear you are going to win.

Then someone in the audience shoots you in the back.

This is how THEY play the game – every game.


Prior to the boxing match, THEY arrange for someone to seduce your wife/bully your children/block your son from employment/take a malicious legal suit against you/your wife/your son/swindle your son/daughter out of substantial savings/burn down a neighbour’s house/steal your car/arrest you on a trumped-up charge/destroy your garden/kill your pet ……. ………. ……… ……..


Perhaps it wasn’t a boxing match.

Perhaps you were about to take crucial exams/accept a good job/promotion/marry Mr Right/Miss Right/start a business/publish a book/receive an inheritance/exhibit an art work/win a talent competition/compete in the Olympics/accept an award/ move to a better address ……. ……… ……..

Seem familiar?  Anything like this ever happen to you? Ever think you have been cast in the role of mole in a political game of whack-a-mole?

Ever wonder how bad luck has such perfect timing?

And perfect aim.

Shouldn’t coincidences be random and not systematic?

Ever wonder why the same people always win and the same people always lose?

Does anything happen in the human sphere which a person has not caused to happen?