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Pre-emptive strikes and delayed actions

The Controller passed by the office of assassinations on his way out to lunch. On a whim he pushed open the door and was met by a surprised look from the head of the section.

“What’s up?” the chief asked.

“Nothing” the Controller reassured him. “Just thought I’d stop by to see if there was anything interesting”.

The Head looked round his desk thoughtfully then pulled out two files from the pending tray. He tossed them onto the desk for the Controller’s viewing.

“It’s quiet at the moment. These are the current projects”.

The Controller opened the file classified “thorns”. ┬áHe recognised the name. An investigative journalist who had done a very successful hatchet job exposing corruption in high places several years earlier.

“The cooling-off period has passed. Now he is no longer in the public’s eye we have set the wheels in motion to take him out”.

The Controller smiled at the wordplay. The assassination method was to be a jinxed car. “We won’t need to use black magic when every car is a smart car. Much easier to assassinate by computer error”.

The Controller opened the other file. “I don’t recognise the name”. He glanced at the cover and noted the file was headed “green shoots”.

“You wouldn’t” the Head responded. “He’s a newby. Talented, charismatic musician. Our talent scouts have just spotted him. We can’t recruit as he has strong humanitarian sympathies”.

The Controller nodded. No independent line was permitted to get established. The simplest solution was to take such out before they had gained public notice.

He dropped the file back on the desk.

“Just heading out for lunch. Care to join me?”


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