The visiting Controller entered the Controller’s office quietly. The Controller shook hands then  gestured to the leather armchairs by the window overlooking a superb view of London. Moments later a secretary entered with two cups of coffee.

The Controllers sat comfortably drinking their coffees and idly surveying the view.

“So it’s all wrapped up then?” the London controller asked his northern counterpart.

The man nodded. “The old school have all been – ‘retired’, and the new blood in place”.

The Controller nodded. “A perennial problem for law enforcement and spies. When you infiltrate the criminals how do you know the criminals aren’t playing you?  That issue was solved by becoming criminals ourselves. Now we hold all the cards. We control every criminal enterprise”.

He turned to his northern counterpart. “Well done in the North. Now we have swept out the Patriots and law and order ninnies, we can get down to business. How much has the department brought in from trafficking this year?


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