“Billy is very quiet”.

Joan looked up from the table where she was preparing a salad for tea. “Oh,  it’s his new computer game”.

“Another ‘Dragons and Dungeons?”

“Something like that. It’s called ‘Perversion'”.

“Aaah. I think I’ll take a look at that”.

Joan nodded and continued chopping.

Frank stood behind his son for a while watching the game in progress. It appeared to be a standard card game featuring magical characters. Frank felt a glow of pride as he realised his son was beating the competition into the ground.


“Friends only” Billy grunted.

“Like to explain it to me?”

“Why not. My friends are bust”.

Billy signed off and entered the off-line version.

“Now I’m playing against the computer”.

“Why is it called ‘Perversion’?”

“It is a battle between good and evil. The good guys, angels and fairies and so on are only permitted to use straight spiritual power. Their power is the greatest, and they always win in an outright fight. So the evil powers, black magicians and hell powers use various tricks to win using their lesser power”.

Strange concept for a kid’s game.

Billy hit a key. A figure of an angel appeared.

“He is the most powerful player. But the evil powers can defeat him with a variety of tricks. I am playing evil in this round”.

Billy hit another key. A selection of options appeared.

“Blindfold. If I attach a blindfold to the Angel, he cannot see who his friends or enemies are. This reduces his fight potential considerably.

Another card appeared. It showed a flag changing colours. “False flag. This has many uses. It can turn a friend into an enemy”. Billy looked at his Dad who was starting to look confused. “I attach it to the Angel’s ally and he thinks Angel is the enemy and attacks him”. His father nodded understanding.

“Go on”.

“Ah, class! This is the trump card”.  The card showed a bolt of lightning. “This shows reversal. His power is now under my control so everything he does damages his own side. He isn’t captured, but now he is fighting for me”.

Billy set to the keyboard with gusto while his Dad watched the good armies devastated while their most powerful weapon started operating against its own side. Worlds and universes collapsed. Finally Billy threw up his hands in triumph. “Hell wins!”

Frank patted Billy on the shoulder and went back to the kitchen were the salad plates were waiting. His mind was working methodically  taking in the simple content of the game and the peculiar story line. His eyes happened to fall on the religious calendar on the wall.

“He’s very good at it” Joan commented.

“Yes. An expert”.

Frank sat thoughts chasing around in his head. Hell tactics. Subverting good and turning it into a weapon against good. Spiritual blindness. Friends attacking allies. False flags. Spiritual warfare. Occult tactics.

“Yes, very good. But I’m not sure I want Billy trained in occult warfare at his age”

Joan laughed. “It’s only a game”.

“Yes, It’s only a game, but I think I will take a look at it later after Billy has gone to bed”.


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