When the child was about to be born the Good Fairy and the Bad Fairy appeared, one to lay a curse on the new infant, the other  a blessing.

From past experience, knowing her blessing would be undone if she preceded the Bad Fairy, the Good Fairy allowed the Bad Fairy to go first.

The Bad Fairy looked at the child in the womb and declared “I make you female. You will be sexually subordinate to your enemy. You will reproduce your enemy. You will live in risk of rape from birth to after-death. All the evil in the world will seek you out. You will find no justice in the world, in heaven nor hell.”

Then she stepped back, curse complete with a look of satisfaction at the Good Fairy, who could not alter the child’s sex.

The Good Fairy considered the problem then she stepped forward. “You are being born into a world where the world is your enemy. Hell is your enemy. Heaven is your enemy. You have no-one to defend you. Here is my blessing. You will identify your problem. You will identify your enemies. You will be equipped physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to defeat all who go against you. You will be Warrior”.

The Bad Fairy looked at the Good Fairy aghast. “You can’t do that! The world will fall. The universe will fall!”

The Good Fairy shrugged. “Why should she care?”

She sighed and looked at the Bad Fairy squarely. “You and all your cohorts do not believe in Justice. Without justice there is no life”.


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