The Nail

The Controller was preparing his lesson for the Advanced Occult Warfare class. The theme was “key” people. Society – human relationships – were like a machine. A network of functioning, inter-locking, moving parts. Inter-dependent. Sabotage of any working system involved identifying how the system worked and then either removing a vital component, or perverting a component’s or set of components functions, to cause breakdown of the entire machine.

A clever saboteur could remove a vital component on which the entire structure depended, which looked unimportant, and later the entire structure would collapse or run wildly out of control.

The words from a poem flicked through his mind “a snowflake in an avalanche”. Every avalanche starts with one snowflake which starts moving and then the rest follow.

He, himself had identified one such “snowflake” whose movement would start an avalanche. Someone who looked unimportant, but who needed to be there to support a “key” person, on whom the lives of others depended. He had arranged for that person, without whom the key person could not function, to be removed – they met an early grave – and later, the disabled key person could not carry out their task.

“For want of a nail”.

When the devil steals a nail, who would notice?

Take out one nail and a whole kingdom can tumble – or a world.

The Controller felt a glow of pride, of achievement.

He would be honoured in Hell.


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