Pavlov’s cat

“The idiot!” The Controller stabbed his intercom. “Bella, send Mr  Danners up to me a.s.a.p.”.

The Controller flicked through the pages in his file. A light tap on the door.

“Ah, Mr Danners, please come in. Take a seat”.

The middle aged man sat down suppressing a look of bemusement at his senior’s affable manner.

“Miss Carlyon, has been your subject for many years. Explain to me what you have been doing with her”.

The Controller sat back in his seat a look of patient interest on his face.

“Well Carly was not a pretty child. Doesn’t matter in a male, but in a female it is a weak point. We always abrade the weaknesses”. He glanced at the Controller who smiled his encouragement. “We made sure her birthday and Christmas presents emphasised her deficiency. Toy make-up kits, hair brushes. Mirrors”.

“Go on”.

“When she became a teenager when she experimented with clothes we made sure men followed her and she knew she was being followed. She realised she didn’t have much dress sense so she put pictures of models similar in build to herself on her walls wearing clothes that she liked, to develop her dress sense. We put in her mother’s mind that this indicated she was a lesbian, and her mother made her take the pictures down. When she went to the hairdressers we arranged for the hairdresser to make a mess of her hair. When she went to a night class to learn how to put make-up on, our teacher made fun of her”.

“And what did you achieve?”

“Humiliation of the target. We made it clear to her that she is an unattractive female, and emphasised her deficiencies”.

There was a pause while the Controller let the air out slowly through his teeth.

“And what do you think our objectives were with this subject?”

Mr Danner’s face looked blank. “Sexual exploitation?”

“Correct. Sexual and reproductive exploitation. Your interventions have taught the subject that she is so unattractive that there is no point in trying. So she doesn’t. What’s more she doesn’t care one iota whether men find her attractive or not as she has had nothing but harassment from them. She doesn’t do anything to make herself look prettier – no make-up, doesn’t bother with her hair and wears male clothes to deter harassers. Nine times out of ten men think she is a man”.

The pause was longer. Mr Danners shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Now” the Controller went on pleasantly, “Miss Carlyon is very intelligent and has genes that are exceptionally healthy. We would want to have a higher social class man get her pregnant, as we want her children. How are we going to get a higher social class man interested in a lowest social class woman who is unattractive, doesn’t bother with make-up, doesn’t bother with her hair, doesn’t bother with clothes and doesn’t bother with men? All conditions which you have brought about. And the social interaction between the two must be normal, spontaneous and not look outlandishly weird drawing the attention of everyone in their vicinity.

The Controller threw the file contemptuously at the man seated before him. “A little problem for you to solve. Take your time”.


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