Enemies of the Gods

The Controller had the Minister’s file on his desk when the Minister was ushered into his office. The Minister was pale but had a stubborn look on his face.

“People do not usually refuse our invitations for recruitment”.

“I am refusing. Your work is criminally immoral. Prayer is in service of God and God alone. You do not serve God”.

“And you do?”

The Minister remained silent but glared at him.

The Controller smiled and flicked the file on his desk. “You are a very special man. Gifted. Your prayers have effect. You don’t wish to use your gift in service of your country? To help annul the activities of terrorists and criminals?”

“Oh, is that what you are doing!” The Minister laughed. “And those witches you made my neighbours who wreaked havoc. What part of saving the country from criminals and terrorists was that?”

“There are two possible answers to that question” the Controller countered reasonably. “You dealt with it. Very impressive. A real life demonstration that prayer trumps magic. On the other hand, witches? Who believes in witches, or magic? That’s crazy talk. Clearly you are delusional and in need of psychiatric help”.

“Whatever you say the answer is ‘No'”. You are seeking to combine the power of God with the powers of hell. That makes you the enemy of God. No sane religious person would go long with this. This is the ultimate crime, and far from protecting this country you put all of human life in jeopardy”.

“A man of conviction”. The Controller spoke into his intercom. “Bring them in”.

The door opened and a young woman carrying a baby, leading a small girl walked into the room. Three men followed them carrying tasers. The Minister paled. “What are they doing here?” His wife stared at him eyes wide with fear.

“We are about to test your convictions”.


Copyright 2015