Sex is a minefield (and we’re the ones planting the mines)

The Controller sat in his office composing his lecture for Honeypot 101.  He sketched his ideas as they occurred to him.

– everyone in society is viewed as a resource for the betterment of the ruling class

– sex is a premium. Exploitation mainly falls on the lower orders of society who have least protection, and who are largely unaware

– honeypots are a key resource. Most people can be got at through sex. Females and males, heterosexual and homosexual are required.

– Problem – how to recruit? Most people do not set out to be whores. People with potential have other options.

– Targets for honey trap recruitment are working class and lower middle class people who are intelligent, personable, ideally physically attractive. People who have the potential to raise themselves socially. Their recruitment then serves three useful purposes for the ruling elite. Their independence is destroyed and they are brought under state control. Sexual exploitation. Tools for trapping targets.

– Universities are prime recruiting grounds. Young people feel safe there. They are venturing out often for the first time. They are unsuspecting. They are open to new experiences. Infiltrating their lives, being the perfect girl/boyfriend is like taking candy from a baby. By the time they realise they have been trapped, it is too late. Everyone is blackmailable. People from good families have families they want to protect.

The Controller started on another page. He wrote. “Sex as a weapon”.

– manipulate the target into a sexual relationship with the spy. The spy will seek to secure intimate footage for blackmail purposes.

– disrupt a target-for-recruitments relationships. People are not allowed to control their own lives.

– manipulate the target into a relationship with a destructive person: criminal, insane – all categories of

– disrupt targets relationship with family and friends, to control their environment

– infiltrate as many corrupting influences into their lives as possible – drugs, criminal acts, deviant sex

– disrupt the targets life by pushing criminal, anti-social, insane and sexual deviants into their environment. At the same time, manipulate normal people away from them.

– spread lies about the target, as offensive as possible. Spreading lies that the target is sexually deviant will make them a pervert-magnet. A tactic especially effective against women.

The Controller smiled at that one. All those lower class, aspiring women, living quietly, bothering no-one, suddenly finding all the perverts in the neighbourhood beating a track to their door. He felt his organ harden with satisfaction. Poor schmucks! He grinned.

He glanced over his sketch. There was more to write. Tearing marriages apart. Working out which partner was more easily led astray.  Planting bombs in relationships to detonate later. Setting up partners to kill. More detail needed on sabotaging relationships.

The Controller put his pen down. He would finish this later. He was tired. Even puppeteers need to sleep.


Copyright 2015