Soul Stealers

The Middle Eastern gentleman sat in the Controller’s office. The Controller swept in, a copy of “1001 Nights” under his arm. He placed it ostentatiously on his desk. Then he glanced at his watch.

“I am afraid we will have to keep this brief, I have another urgent appointment”.

The Middle Eastern gentleman inclined his head politely.

“Your story…” the Controller’s glance rested on “The Arabian Nights” lightly , “has been examined. And frankly, we are unconvinced. We are well aware of astral projection, and an operative can remove their own soul and visit another body…”. The Controller spread his hands in a gesture of disbelief.

The man sat forward in his chair, his dark eyes boring into the Controller.

“This is a completely different thing. We take the soul – and then that person becomes the wizard’s slave. Imagine a campaigning journalist. We get him alone, steal his soul, and we can tell him what to write. No more on human rights. Just stories about Islamophobes, Zionist atrocities and how women are freed by wearing the veil”.

The Controller leant across his desk, hand outstretched. “Well, it has been a pleasure talking to you, Mr…, but I have another appointment”.

When the visitor left an Agent entered. The Controller glanced up. “Well?”

“It’s true. They can do it”

“Then they can fix the political agenda of governments”.

The Agent nodded. “Our researchers have started. We have traced influence in a number of Western governments. The pattern is clear, but facts are hard to come by”.

“We will have to implement new training. Anyone alone can be turned. Give instructions to the prayer section.

Pray for the souls to be returned to their original bodies”.

The Agent nodded and left. The Controller glanced at the book on his desk. “What a nightmare”.


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