And now for something completely different

eats shoots 'n leaves

Call ‘em snow cats, by which we don’t mean those tracked vehicles favored by arctic rescue teams.

Whilst yesterday’s entry feature a snow-bound New Brunswick resident trying to get out of his drift-encased home, today’s entry features four-footed Canadians with an even more urgent reason to escape domestic confines.

First, from CBC News, network employee Mitch Cormier, a resident of Prince Edward Island, captured his frustrated feline Mitty trying to escape the domestic confines:

Cat Vs Drift

Program note:

Kitty has cabin fever!

And then there’s this earlier video, posted two weeks ago and racking up more than three million hits in the interim:

Rudiger only kind of loves the snow

As CBC News reported:

A cat from New Brunswick has become an internet celebrity after video of the animal trying to dig out after a snowstorm went viral.

Jamie Gilfoy said he only expected to get 30 or…

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