UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)


(nahuatl for something that is created or born during the summer)

we are the sun that no one sees
except for all the clouds that set a shade,
so slide down,
and let the past slip
there’s no point in holding it all in;
it only creates knots
that start to choke
your thoughts,
and you start to feel like such a ghost
when all you have are your thoughts and all the words
that float inside your head
‘cause when you stop living,
and start wishing you were dead,
and that the whole world
would just stop,
well that’s the time
not to forget
that you’ve got friends,
and someone somewhere cares
even if you are unaware
that someone somewhere cares.

we lay behind the sun that no one sees,
and after all the sun is just a star;
is just a star,
and stars go bang,

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