Things aren’t what they seem

I woke to the sun streaming through the curtains. I leapt up glancing at the bedside clock “Which exam …” then fell back into bed, laughing.  Exams were over. I was on my holidays.  I was free! And the day was too good to waste.

I dressed quickly, grabbed a muesli bar from the fridge and headed out into the sun. Which way? I decided to head up the green knoll. Munching on the bar I headed up the hill, birdsong clamouring in the trees. Twenty minutes later I reached the top, a green field overlooking the woods and town. I thought I would rest on the park bench and admire the view but someone was there before me. I paused. I thought I knew her. She was from the other senior class. Odd girl. Hardly ever spoke.  I decided I would join her on the bench.


She glanced round but didn’t say anything. I looked out over the woods and town. It really was a lovely day, balmy.

“Peaceful, isn’t it?”

Our eyes returned to the view. The gardener was just opening the gates to the cemetery adjoining the woods. Then got back into his blue car and drove in.

“They’re angry” she said.

“Who is?” I looked round expecting to see whoever she was talking about.

“Them” she said, indicating the cemetery.

Right, I thought. Time to go. I was just about to get up when she continued and somehow I couldn’t stop myself from listening.

“Angela. She didn’t suicide you know”

“No?” I said weakly. Who the hell is, was, Angela?

“She turned back at the last minute. At least, she wanted to, but they wouldn’t let her”.

Clouds passed before the sun and the warmth in the air cooled.

She gestured to the far corner of the cemetery. ” Oh yes, he killed himself.  His wife was troubled. And then a young woman who looked just like his wife when she was younger entered his life. Even had some of the same mannerisms and she encouraged him to do all sorts of things, and made sure there was a copy. Then she told him she would show the film to his wife and his boss if he didn’t do what he was told. If he didn’t betray his wife. His reputation would have been ruined – and his wife’s too. It was the only way out – to protect her”.

She turned to look at me. “And they are after you”.

“They, who’s they?”

“The bad luck, It’s not bad luck. It is being made to happen”.

I staggered to my feet, fear clawing at my stomach. “Well, I’ve got to ……..” Then I saw her eyes. I was looking into black holes of infinity. Yes, she was alive, but there was no-one there.  “…..go”.

I ran down the hill. The sun came out again but I felt cold. All the light and colour seemed to have leached out of the world. The day seemed lit by moonlight.

How did she know about the bad luck?

I staggered into the house and made straight for the kitchen. My throat was aching dry. Just as I pulled open the fridge door I noticed someone had drawn a smiley face on the door with a felt tip. A smiling skull.


Copyright 2015 Prayerwarriorpsychicnot