Three lads on a wall, window shopping…

(Circa 1960, somewhere in England)


Saturday afternoon. Three lads on a wall watching the scenery walk past, discussing cars.




Some scenery walks past. A pause.

Porsche yells, “Cor, wouldn’t mind some o’ that”.

The young lady so addressed, smiles, simpers and walks over to Porsche whose smirk is widening into a leer.

She looks Porsche up and down, then says “But a dickless wonder like you wouldn’t know what to do with it”, turns on her heels, exits left. Explosions of laughter from wall. Pause. Porsche, a furious red colour hops down off the wall muttering “Just remembered Gran wanted help with …something”.

Howls of laughter. “Yeah, go home and wash your Porsche!”


Two lads on a wall, chuckling and thumping each other, watching the scenery walk past.

Young understudy of Marlyn Monroe and friend, appears on horizon. The lads freeze, mesmerized. As she draws level, Merc coughs. She turns. Merc surveys the face he had dreamed about, countless dreams, only younger.

“Yeth?” she says.

Jeez, a lisp too.

Nonchalently, “There’s a good film on at the Majestic ….”

Her face brightens up “Oh yes, ‘Love …'”

His face falls. “Well, it was ‘Battle of …..”.

His lady’s face corrected him. He jumps off the wall. “See you, mate” he mutters. Couple arm in arm exit left.


Jaguar sits on the wall not looking at “Marlyn’s” companion suddenly abandoned. In turn she also looks anywhere but him, glancing at the picturesque clouds overhead, the suddenly interesting buildings sky-line. He sneaks a look at her when he thinks she is not looking. She looks more intelligent than the other two put together.

She sneaks a look at him when she thinks he’s not looking. Definitely not stupid.

Each struggle to find a conversation opener likely to be of interest to the other party.

She was bored with the other girls and boys are stupid, but maybe… “A new Jaguar showroom has opened on the High Street. Have you seen it?”

Yesss!!!!!   In his mind his fist punched the sky.

Every day that week since it opened. But he wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Really?” he said, pretending ignorance.”Would you like to go?”

“Love to”. She smiled and he smiled back, facing each other for the first time. Then they joined hands and walked into the future together.


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