The Suicide Strategy

The servant ushered the Chief of Spies  into the King’s Private Chamber. The King nodded at him to help himself to the wine sitting on the table. Caressing his own goblet he gazed steadily at the spy.

“You are sure this will work?”

The Chief of Spies shrugged. “There is no certainty in anything we do, which is why we build in multiple contingencies. If the target evades one trap he will step straight into another. If he avoids two, then a third is lying in wait. And if he tries to do nothing we will make sure that is not an option”.

“I didn’t ask for a lecture”.

The Chief lowered his head. “My apologies. We have been testing this technique on the peasants for years, with a great deal of success. We use it in those situations where we cannot take direct action against the target. Say the target is a completely upstanding citizen. No vices, no weaknesses,  no blackmail potential – incorruptible. The problem is getting to that target indirectly but effectively”.

“Go on”.

“We make the target their own assassin”.

The spy savoured the wine and also that he now had the King’s full attention.

“The one person who can always reach the target, is the target himself. We destroy the targets will to live. He commits suicide. End of problem. Clean hands”. The spy smiled.

“My problem is the old man. He is a thorn in my side. Criticising everything I do. Obstructing my plans”.

“Your father?”

The King nodded. “My father”.

“Would you sacrifice a family member?”


“Is there someone your father is very close to?”

The King smiled. “My sister’s daughter. She has only started to walk. The old man dotes on her”.

“Do I have your permission?”

The King waved a hand nonchalently. “If it gets rid of the old man, do it”.


The King asked for the attendance of his sister at an official visit. She arranged for the toddler to stay with her grand-father. They adored each other. The child was running merrily around the house when a message came from the King. Seeing the child was safe indoors he went to receive the messenger. The child was alone in the room. Suddenly she heard her grandfathers voice from the garden. She opened the door and went out. He wasn’t there. Then she heard his voice again. She ran to the end of the lawn. He was still calling her. She went through the bushes and there was a lake on the other side. That was funny. The voice was calling from the lake.


An hour later one of the servants spotted something floating in the water. The old man pushed the servants aside and rowed out to the body himself. They saw him pull the infant from the water and cradle her in his arms. Then step from the boat into the water.


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