If Jesus was born today

“You’ve identified the mother?”

The agent passed the file to the Controller for his inspection.

“Working class, poor, unmarried. You have taken pre-emptive steps to ensure she cannot keep the baby?”

“All in the report, Sir. The rumour has been spread in the community that she is a prostitute, drug user and dealer, has been in prison and suffers from paranoid delusions. The social workers have been alerted to seize the baby the moment it is born. She will then be consigned to a mental institution to ensure her silence”.

The Controller handed the file back with a nod of approval. The agent hesitated. “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you want the baby?”

The Controller gazed at the agent for a full minute before replying.

“I suppose there is no harm in you knowing. The child isn’t human. It is a young god. Can you even imagine the power, the potential that represents?”

The Controller shuddered involuntarily. The agent stared at him glassy-eyed.

“It will be handed over to the scientists to research its power. Maybe something in its cellular structure could be extracted for some useful purpose. Obviously it will not be allowed to live beyond babyhood”.


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