The party was going in full swing thanks to the excellent organisation of the Chief of Spies.  Everyone was having a whale of a time, happy, relaxed, inhibitions loosened by the subtle combination of great food, divine wine, intoxicating music, and for the chosen few, subtly insinuated drugs.

The King was enjoying the uninhibited conversation of one such specially selected young noble.

“Run that past me again” the King encouraged easily.

The young man looked at his King adoringly. What people said about the King was clearly untrue. He was a great King. A powerful King. If he wanted something, snap his fingers and it was so. And he was so interested in his views. He had the ear of the King. Here was his chance to do something for the benefit of the country and have his King’s name go down in history as the greatest of all time.

“The people’s work and well-being is sabotaged by the criminal elements. The best of their children are killed or  die in accidents because of reckless individuals”.

The King nodded, gazing at the young noble with kindly eyes. “Go on” he encouraged.

“Enterprising people can’t get anywhere as criminals attack them and their businesses, and wealth creation is lost”.

The King nodded. “Perhaps you have a solution to these problems?”

“Yes”, replied the youth with enthusiasm. “Your spy agency is world renowned. Prioritise identifying the criminals, watch them and remove them from the community”.

Inwardly the King sighed with relief.  Just another harmless idiot.

He clapped the boy on his shoulders and winking at the nearby nobles replied, “But my boy, if we took all the murderers out of the population we wouldn’t be able to get rid of inconvenient individuals”.

There was a murmur of laughter from the listening nobles.

Blushing furiously the boy stuttered, “I don’t understand”.

A secret glance passed between the King and his Chief of Spies who was standing nearby.

“You will, my boy. You will”.


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