Kill the yeast!

The Controller faced the select group of agents, chosen for their expertise in sabotage, lies, seduction and absolutely every crime imaginable – but selected above all for their attitude. They enjoyed their work. Bullies and perverts to the bone their joy was the destruction of other peoples lives.

“This lesson, our strategy, is very simple, but don’t underestimate it. It is the foundation of everything we do.”

The agents nodded polite attention.

The controller typed on a pad and the letters illuminated the wall. “Kill the yeast”.

The Controller looked at the class and inwardly smiled. Most were doing their best to retain a neutral face, a dead giveaway that they hadn’t a clue. One or two, whom he noticed, looked interested.

“Speak” he encouraged. “The silence is deafening”.

One of those who evinced curiosity raised his hand. “I take it we are not discussing bread making, Sir”.

A titter of relief rippled through the group.

“So what are we talking about?”

Some of the faces had gone from neutral to thoughtful. One of those raised his hand. “It sounds like a Biblical parable, Sir”.

“Go on”.

“The yeast are those people spread evenly throughout society who given a chance to rise, will rise, raising others with them, like yeast raises dough”.

Now all the faces had gone from neutral to thoughtful, and some looked eager. One of those waved his hand.

“So our job is to identify the yeast and one way or another destroy them”.

“Correct” said the Controller. “Now can anyone suggest why?”

A sea of hands met his question. He gestured to the nearest.

“To maintain the social order”


“To maintain the status quo”.

The class was now fully engaged and enjoying themselves.

“Our employers do not wish anyone to rise because they also raise their group alongwith them”.

The Controller paused, thinking. In another group someone would have asked – why not let anyone, even everyone rise? Society as a whole would benefit. But not in this group. They were the elect.

The Controller turned from the class to view the huge letters on the wall – KILL THE YEAST.

“Our employers have no intention that society as a whole should raise itself and then start questioning their policies. Their interests are best served by keeping the largest differential in power, wealth and status between themselves and all the rest. A place for everyone and everyone in their place”.

The Controller smiled and the class smiled back. He did not need to tell them which side their bread was buttered.

“Class dismissed”.


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