If you are not with us, you are against us

The Controller flipped the intercom. “Send him in”.

The psychic entered the room glancing at the file on the Controller’s desk. The Controller gestured at it. “So, a lot of questions and no answers”.

“This is something new”.

“Are you sure you haven’t made a mistake?”

“His power is off the scale, but it is no known psychic ability”.

“How is it possible that you can’t identify his power?”

“Because he doesn’t do anything with it”.

The Controller rested back in his chair, “Ah, I see. He does not advertise as a psychic. He offers no services. He is not gaining any criminal advantage through use of his powers. Perhaps he wishes to avoid notice? Is he in denial you think?”

The psychic shrugged. “The group have had a lot of discussions on this. Some suggested he had moral or religious qualms. But  most thought perhaps he was unaware that he had any power”.

The Controller stared thoughtfully at the psychic. Then he smiled. “Then lets shake him and see what rattles. Dismissed”.


After the psychic left the Controller ordered the Black Magician to attend.

“You have heard of the problem?” he asked.

The Evil Magician nodded. “The Controller threw the file across the desk. “The case is yours”.

The Magician smiled. “But I will need resources”.

“What do you have in mind?”

“We invaded his mind. Standard procedure. He was unaware of course. I suggest we send the whole group in. He will of course be aware, know he is being violated, being subject to some form of attack. Perhaps he will discover he has some powers after all?”

“Do it”.


Alan was sleeping peacefully when he woke with a start. Someone, no, many someones were walking around in his mind, so many, he couldn’t count. “What the …” He focused. He wasn’t mistaken.”You won’t find it so easy to leave” he thought sourly, and turned over and went back to sleep.

The Controller was in a rage. Even the Black Magician shook slightly when summoned before him. “How many dead?” he shouted.

“Two, three. We got most of them out”.

“Incompetence. Gross incompetence! You are supposed to know what you are doing!”

“When dealing with an unknown what we do becomes an experiment. We attack, the target responds, then we know their power. We aren’t going to know what we are dealing with until we attack them. Are you going to conscript?”

The Controller turned to the Magician, his eyes black with rage, but spoke softly. “And how do you advise we recruit someone who can kill with a thought?”


Copyright 2015 Prayerwarriorpsychicnot

PS My inspirations come in part from that wonderful tv series “Mutant X” not to be confused with X-Men.