We control what you hear

“Come in”.

The agent entered and handed the file to the Controller. He flipped it open and paused at the high quality photo of the Target then flipped through later pages pausing at the song lyrics.

“Original” he muttered.

“Yes Sir”.

“Looks like James Dean. Sings like Bob Dylan. Radical?”

“Not really. Poet, composer, only real love is music. A-political, easy going”.

The controller stared at the photo. The friendly, open face smiled back.

“You made an offer?”

“She turned it down”.

“Perhaps your offer wasn’t good enough”.

The Agent sighed, looking annoyed.

“She turned down a millionaire”.

“Did you try the family?”

“Her Granny showed him the door  – she has already made tv. Won her heat of a talent show”.

“You’ve taken her out of the final?” the Controller snapped.

“Certainly Sir”.

The Controller threw the file back at the Agent. “Beautiful, talented, charismatic and not under our control. Your orders are to terminate”.

“Usual method Sir?”

“Young, musician, looks like a hippy. Of course. Drugs, make it look like suicide”.


Copyright 2015 Prayerwarriorpsychicnot

Dedicated to the memory of Jackie Shackleton, my best friend. 1948-1979