Birds trilled in the nearby hedgerow, filled with rambling rose and wild strawberries. Unheard, unnoticed on the ground a snail edged closer to its salad lunch.

“Not if I can help it!” thought its intended victim. It’s mind reached out and felt the mind of a blackbird flying overhead. It tweaked ever so gently and the bird suddenly noticed the tiny light reflected on the snail’s shell. It dropped quickly and snatched the morsel in its beak, then espied a handy rock to use as an anvil. The lettuce relaxed, enjoying the rhythmic cracking as the friendly bird disposed of his enemy. “Like some aphids?” he thought. Wrong species. His mind cast around until he felt the presence of a ladybird sunning itself on a hawthorn leaf. A gentle tweak and the ladybird decided the sun was getting too warm and it dived down to rest upon a lettuce. Might as well have some lunch while it was there.

The lettuce snuggled into the warm earth. It was having a good morning so far. Then it realised one of its leaves was curling and it felt a deep hunger and thirst. It noticed a squirrel in the overhead branches. “Hey, I could do with a nourishing drink over here!” it thought. The squirrel mindlessly hopped over and obliged.

Everything was fine. Everything was dandy. The world was arranged just the way the lettuce wanted it – and why not – it had arranged everything itself. The sheltering hawthorn attracting birds and the right kind of insect. The right kind of plants to attract the right kind of animal to service the lettuce’s needs. The sheltering strawberries, very good neighbours indeed.


The new arrivals from earth stepped out of their spaceship and wearied from their long confinement in a metal box gazed in wonder at their new world.

“No argument. We will have to call this Eden”.

His companion nodded. A gardening enthusiast back on earth he sized up the vegetation.

“That looks very like hawthorn” he gestured. “Wild roses and strawberries I don’t believe it”.

The two sauntered over for a closer look.

“Lettuce! We haven’t had fresh greens in how long?”

The lettuce had been listening to the strange new minds.   An electric current of alarm radiated from the roots through the leaves.   A new predator!   It’s tiny mind reached out into infinite space searching for an enemy – any enemy.


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