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Uncertain Tales

Source: RT Visions Source: RT Visions

Maria* cast a critical eye over what she saw in the mirror. Simple white blouse (first button undone), classic red A-line skirt (above the knee, but nothing scandalous), red patent leather high-heeled shoes. The shoes were stupidly expensive, terribly impractical and almost cripplingly painful, but her husband thought they looked amazing, and really accentuated her calves. She loosely tied her long, bleached blonde hair back into a ponytail, and applied lipstick, also bright red. She could hear her husband** finishing getting dressed; she really should get a start on breakfast.

*Dr Maria Wood (nee Fellini) PhD Organic Chemistry ANU. Winner of Dr JJ Roberts Prize in Chemistry. Awarded ANU PhD Scholarship in Organic & Biological Chemistry. Thirty-four years old, 170 centimetres, 62.5 kilos. Previous employment: Four years Research Academic at  UNSW, then two years Research Scientist at AustraChem Pty Ltd. Salary on leaving $79,330. Currently unemployed.

**Dr Stephen Wood. Phd Applied Chemistry…

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