When Love Is Dead

Native American Poetry written before the 1900's

When Love Is Dead

When last shall kiss the lips

   Of love when Love is dead?

Who last shall fall fold her hands

   And pillow soft her head?

Who last shall vigil keep

    Beside her lonely bier?

   I ask, and from the dark

Cold night without, I hear

The mystic answer: “I

   Her Mother, Earth, shall press

Her lips the last in my

   Infinite tenderness.”

Text from Changing is Not Vanishing (Parker 2011)

Image from Google Books Alexander Posey: The Creek Indian Poet. 

“When Love is Dead” was published in 1900 in The Poems of Alexander Lawrence edited by Minnie H. Posey. The poem written by Alexander Posey appears distinctively different in form in its publication in 1910 in comparison to the 2011 print version found in Parker’s Changing is Not Vanishing. Although the content of the poem is similar in both editions…

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