I Want Something

unbuttoned or undone

Day dreams of woven silk
I want something….

I open the fridge
There is cheese, ham, pickles, yogurt, butter, jam, apples, lettuce, grapes, lemons, chocolate, wine…
No. That’s not it.

I open the pantry
Coffee, infusions, teas from India, China and the south seas.
Cookies, crackers, canned peas, ketchup, mustards, pasta of all shapes, rice, basmati and long, curry, pesto and tomato sauce…
No, not that.

I open the garden gate
Roses and daisies say hello, the bougainvillea waves, the rosemary smiles and the lavender nods. The grass lies down, the fern perks up, an out of breath lantana manages a whisper, and a camellia gives me a bloom and promises more…
No. Not quite.

I look to the sky
Daydreams of curly sheep and downy blankets, of woven silks and flannel ball gowns float by. I fly with gulls, complain with mourning doves, cringe at the squabbles of magpies, look for the sun while…

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