The Housebuilder

Once there was a house builder. The first house she built was so good she built another one. She was very proud of her two lovely houses, but she was feeling a bit tired so she decided to have a rest.

As soon as she did that some men came along and said “You can’t do that – there are people who want houses to live in”. So she built two more houses. Now she was very tired indeed and stopped to have a rest.

As soon as she did that the men came back and this time they had brought a man of god. “What fine houses you have built” he soft-soaped. “You must be very proud. You are doing god’s work you know. Now be a good girl and get back to work”. His eyes gleamed. “It’s your destiny” he added.

Gritting her teeth she started building another house. “god isn’t the one doing the work” she seethed. And, “Where’s the pay?”

She finished the houses and threw her tools on the ground in disgust, and stopped and looked around. She looked over at the houses she had built earlier. She noticed that someone had visited each of the houses and had stripped everything of value out of them. The houses were damaged, some were unliveable, others were reduced to rubble, and the occupants were miserable and crying. She saw she was surrounded by other house builders and the same thing was happening to their houses. The same men who had told her she had to continue building houses were busily visiting each house and stripping everything of value out of them. Then they were taking the goods to market and auctioning them off to the highest bidder.

Light dawned. “It’s a racket” she exclaimed. “I’m doing all this work for nothing just so someone else can make money out of it”. Then she noticed the man of god coaxing tired house builders into building more houses was receiving large back-handers from the men.

Then the men noticed she had stopped building. They came over to coax her to build more houses but saw the look on her face. They shrugged then started to dismantle her house. But by then she was past caring. “It’s all the same in the end” she thought. “All the houses get wrecked and plundered. If I had known what the job was about, I would never have bothered. My dream of building the house I would like to live in, then spend all my time living in it, was never going to happen”.


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