Snow White, Prince Charming And The Seven Dwarf Sons

Same Difference

This original short story was a piece of University coursework. We were asked to retell a fairy tale. I’m blogging it because people on Facebook said they’d like to read it. So, here it is… don’t laugh too much please!

Fairytale Retold: Snow White, Prince Charming and the Seven Dwarf Sons.

By the time this story was written, Snow White was a grown-up. She had married the king’s son, who had rescued her from the forest and taken her home to be cared for by his parents after her horrible stepmother threw her out of their palace when she was seven years old. They were happily married and very much in love. However, there is no such thing as a life without problems, not even in a fairy tale.

Snow White had been rescued from a terrible life of child abuse at seven. She grew into a very superstitious teenager…

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