The Captives – Shawn Price

Reblogged with kind permission.

Shawn The Writer


This is the land of the Free Captives,
The place that Life moved away from a long time ago,
Where truth was Evicted,
Where Hopes and Dreams can’t pay rent anymore,
Where dates on tomb stones get closer every year,
And where God is only welcomed on Sundays, weddings, and funerals.

I wish Moses never broke those two tablets,
Cuz right now the world is shattered,
War is never ending,
Old heads staying in jail,
Little kids getting murdered,
Moses take us to Promise land,
This red pill is like a nightmare.
Mr. President help,
Even your hometown is on fire,
Our nation is underwater,
Can You get us out these chains?
Just say “Devil let my people go? “

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