The Lords of Luck

“We have to eliminate this idea”.

“it’s a joke. What’s the problem?”

The Controller straightened from his subordinates computer and rested a friendly hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Resistentialism. The theory that inanimate objects deliberately sabotage people’s lives. When  your shoelaces untangle when running for a bus on the way to that important interview. The tomato sauce sachet that bursts all over your clean shirt at lunch just before that important meeting with the boss. You smile at the woman of your dreams, the one you hope to marry and spend the rest of your life with, with a large piece of lettuce lodged between your teeth”.

“When the fire alarm that you tested yesterday decides not to work just when there is a fire, burning your house down with everything you own in it” the analyst commented.

“And the insurance company never received the letter because it somehow got lost in the sorting office under a piece of furniture that doesn’t get moved for another twenty years” an adjacent operative muttered, working hard at his keyboard.

The Controller nodded agreement. “A comic has noticed how these. ..” he paused, “coincidences – only seem to happen at critical, life-changing moments in a persons life, damaging a rare opportunity for betterment, and for explanation proposed that inanimate objects are out to get us”.

There were some dry chuckles from the analysts.

He glanced over at the bank of keyboards where the witches were  at work. A pretty young blonde glanced at him. He winked at her and sauntered over to glance at her work. The analysts data was streaming onto her screen. A husband whose wife was dying of cancer and desperately needed money to pay for medical bills had just completed a winning lottery ticket. The witch tweaked his pocket as he put the ticket away allowing the ticket to flutter to the ground where an “accidental” gust of wind carried it into the gutter and another unexpected swirl of water carried it down the drain. The witch scrolled her list and selected another name. A young office worker with very ruthless ideas, but blocked from promotion through poverty, on a whim decided to buy a lottery ticket as he stepped off the bus. The witch fed the winning numbers into his head. The Controller smiled his approval and moved back to the analysts.

“You see, if the idea becomes commonplace even as a joke, that a certain type of coincidence isn’t coincidence, some people will leap from that to the idea that perhaps people are behind it. After all, people are behind most things that go wrong. And some people might start looking in our direction”.

Working hard at their keyboards, the analysts nodded agreement.

“Continue with your work. I must take this  up to management level. This idea has to be eliminated from public consciousness, top priority”.


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