Message For The Teacher

The teacher was young, not many years out of training college, and this would be her last year teaching, as she was getting married at the end of the year. She looked out of her classroom window at the children swarming in the school playground. Taller than the rest she saw one of her own class. An athletic girl, the boys were afraid of her and kept their distance. An intelligent girl, she could argue any teacher into a corner on pure logic alone, and frequently did. The other girls were mystified by her.  She stood out in the crowd because she wasn’t part of it.

As the girl watched the other children running and screaming she was thinking – if adults behaved like this they would either be in jail or a mental asylum.

The teacher thought the girl looked as if she was the loneliest person on the planet – or wished she was.

She tapped on the window and beckoned. The girl looked up then came into the classroom. The teacher was reaching into her handbag for her purse. She smiled when the girl entered the room. She handed the girl 3d.

“Can you go into the village and buy an apple for me?”

“A green apple or a red apple?”

“A red apple”.

The girl took the money and walked back across the playground. At the exit the playground monitor stopped her but let her pass when she muttered “Message for the teacher”.

She walked out into the blissful peace of the village, away from the screaming children. She enjoyed the quiet and being alone. She bought the apple at the green grocers and took it back to the teacher.

Twenty minutes of peace out of 14 years in the mental asylum of childhood.


Copyright 2015 Prayerwarriorpsychicnot