The Right Way to Live

The aliens arrived in style. Huge silver flying saucers hovered over the great cities of earth vapourising the fighter jets that launched against them, like swatting insects,  then with surgical precision vapourised the ruling establishments of the world, the Whitehouse, the Pentagon, the Houses of Parliament.

The saucers then sucked  all the data from the world’s medical and genealogical records and the round up of the populations began. It was like collecting a human encyclopaedia of talents. Artists, architects, mountain climbers, engineers, surgeons, strategists, generals, mathematicians, athletes, musicians – every human talent, field of expertise in the dictionary. All were rounded up, fed factory style through the ships, the knowledge, skills, talents, sucked from the living brains into the computers to be later implanted into the aliens brains.  The human garbage, once intelligent, talented, highly skilled, now  imbeciles, rolled out the other end straight into the furnaces.

While this was going on a couple of derelicts were shooting up, and watching the proceedings from a dirty alleyway. They and their kind had been left in peace not having anything valuable for the aliens to extract. They were the adult children of feckless parents, bordering on idiot mothers mated with psychopathic men, their lives a round of sex, drugs, drink, stealing and scamming.

They sighed with satisfaction as the drugs hit their system.

In the background the spirals of smoke rose from the furnaces where the bodies of the descendants of those who had lived the right way, still screaming, their minds ripped from their bodies, were consumed .


Copyright 2015 Prayerwarriorpsychicnot