unbuttoned or undone

I drive to the Domaine du Dattier racing time.
I find a deserted spot overlooking a calanque, an old tower, and a clear view to the islands off the coast and park the car.
I must say good bye to the sun.
I want to connect to everything that is beautiful and life giving.
I need to feel this moment.
So I am staying to watch the sun go down.
I have to face a coming darkness.
I  feel the loss already.
There is always more to the solstice than just the shortest day…

20141221_one last touch

The Med wears her mourning early.
In matte pewter grey she links her cliffs
To islands in the distance.
Billows ring the sky on the horizon
And spread upwards slowly
Moving closer to shore
In a sad indigo light.

She watches him, her embattled sun,
Sink half-way below the foggy bank
Split and tear on his way down.
He burns.

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