Is Life a Dream

Reblogged with kind permission.

Jacqueline C Nash Poetry


Is Life a Dream – Jacqueline Nash

What is this life, what does it mean,
is it real or is it a dream?
Are we puppets, who pulls our strings,
do we have free will or are we playthings?
Is the earth a stage, is life a pre-written play,
do we have choice or does fate take it away?
Is life ours to control, can we choose our destiny,
is the future ours to plan or is it down to fortuity?
Is there a God, where does He hide,
do we believe or do we deride?
Is there a heaven, is there a hell,
is there life after death or is it the final farewell?
What are we humans, what does it all mean,
is life for real or is it all just a dream?

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