In a dream of justice

Surreal Gypsy

You complained that justice doesn’t exist.

I said it does but is being asleep. Her dreams are governing, and many of them are nightmares.

You said you care about justice.

And when I asked you for half of your meal, you didn’t offer it to me.

Instead you said that I should cook for myself.

And when I was weak and you were strong and we had to carry a weight, you asked me to grab the one side while you were grabbing the other, because this is fair you said.

How can a king be dressed like a God while a beggar dresses from garbage, I asked you.

Well it is just, you said, cause a king is a king.

And when I pointed to you that the beggar can live without the king, but the king without the beggar will get drown in a sewage, you called me absurd.

And you keep…

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