How an Evil King Destroyed a World and No-one Stopped Him

There once was a world with many kingdoms. The Kings had long agreed not to wage war on each other. They never interfered with another King’s rule. Each was an absolute monarch in his own kingdom. They had also agreed to abjure the powers of hell.

One day a new King inherited the throne. He was evil. He played with his people as if they were toys, revelling in their torture and suffering. None of the other Kings did anything about this because of the law about not going to war, or interfering with another Kingdom. When desperate people tried to flee the  Kingdom, the other Kings returned them to their grisly fate. The laws were designed for the protection of the Kings.

But some Kings were good, and ruled flourishing Kingdoms where the people were happy. They were opposed to the evil King’s behaviour, but there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

The evil King soon realised the advantage of his position. He could break the laws and no action would be taken against him. While he pillaged his own people he cast greedy eyes at the wealth of the surrounding Kingdoms. He dared not attack the neighbouring Kings directly, but he realised he could do so indirectly, by using his people as ignorant pawns. When the crimes were successful, the pawns would be punished but no-one could touch him .

Knowing he could also break any laws, including the laws the other Kings were keeping in order to retain stability, he sought the powers of hell.

He searched out mind-readers among his people. He decided which Kings he was going to attack and gave the mind-readers the task of reading those King’s minds. Once he had uncovered their secret weaknesses and prejudices he set traps, manipulating them, using their blind spots. As if all the Kings were engaged in a card game, but only the evil King saw all the cards.

One by one the King’s fell. Kingdom’s fell. But the other Kings refused to wage war against him, or try to apply any law against him. Nor did they employ mind readers to uncover what  he was doing.

Because Kings do not wage war on each other, nor interfere in another King’s business, nor use the powers of hell. Kings only apply laws to other people, not themselves. Because there is no law to bind the behaviour of Kings, the evil King continued unopposed.

I wouldn’t want to be born in his world, would you?